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Market overview of Quartz powder

The national Quartz powder market continued last month's stable market pattern and supply and demand pattern, and the market supply and demand relationship maintained a certain degree of balance. Both the supply and demand end of Quartz powder products were on a low-running track, and the trading atmosphere in the Quartz powder market was relatively cold. The market transaction amount and the number of products were relatively low. Production enterprises, especially the production enterprises of low-end Quartz powder products, the product sales and transaction amount have been hit, and negative impact to a large extent, and the profit space of enterprises has been reduced. Therefore, the start-up of Quartz powder production enterprises has maintained a low operation, and the Anhui region's operating rate is roughly 50%. At the same time, impacted by various uncertain factors, the future trend of the domestic Quartz powder market is no longer clear, and the uncertainty of market expectations increases. On the one hand, the domestic Quartz powder market has a relatively mature market mechanism and market supply and demand pattern; the market supply and demand relationship remains balanced for a long time, the market price remains stable for a long time, and the Quartz powder market price continues to be tough and has strong support.

On the other hand, the domestic Quartz powder market has been confronted with new uncertainties and challenges such as repeated epidemics, changeable global political and economic situation, the global inflation crisis, and the domestic real estate industry downturn. The future market expectation has been impacted by multiple factors, which are difficult to predict, and the market trend needs to be clarified. Generally speaking, the market of Quartz powder products is in a stable state.

On the one hand, the market price of quartz sand and quartz ore, the raw materials needed for the production of silica powder, remains stable, and the market supply can meet the needs of the production of silica powder products. On the other hand, the main cost of Quartz powder production equipment is fixed; the price remains unchanged over time, while additional energy consumption costs and labor costs change very little. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Quartz powder, or if you require the latest price of Quartz powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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