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Metal prints–Not just decorations

Market Expectation

Building curtain wall technology embodies both engineering and artistic elements in its product form. Fluorocarbon-coated aluminum veneers have become an indispensable part of high-rise building curtain walls and interior decoration due to their excellent resistance against fading, corrosion, UV radiation cracking and weathering. However, fluorocarbon-coated aluminum veneers have several inadvertent drawbacks that cannot be avoided, including large pollution levels, increased energy use, and monotonous patterns. Adopting the roller coating printing process enables mass production of printing metal plate products with higher quality than Fluorocarbon-sprayed aluminum veneer: roller coated fluorocarbon metal paint saves approximately 50% in material amount; spray applied fluorocarbon metal paint has more than four times efficiency; while elastic roll coated fluorocarbon metal paint resists cracking better than flat coating; while roller coated stone patterns feature richer patterns and vivider colors than those made using the flat coating process.

Features Printed metal plate is a type of building material decorative board which has recently become increasingly popular. Made of high-grade hot-dip galvanized substrate or aluminum plate and coated with fluorocarbon paint or metal printing ink using six coating and six baking/printing processes, printed metal plates create beautiful three-dimensional patterns which look more beautiful while being more rigid for greater performance.

Product features include no radiation, anti-static, stain resistant and wear resistant properties; luxurious and bright appearance; scratch resistance and wear resistance; strong sense of the subject with strong color retention, no powdering nor rust; thus solving the single color problem flawlessly! Various design styles available makes the cost-effectiveness even higher!

Construction, further processing, molding and compounding utilize the printed metal plate. As metal curtain walls for both inner and outer walls of buildings, their advantages include simple structure, convenient installation, smooth surface quality, durability and recyclable products; inorganic core cleaning by printed metal plate; as well as being eco-friendly. Furthermore, this board boasts features like greatly reducing toxicity caused by smoke during fire situations, with A2 grade combustion performance reaching A1 grade smoke toxicity index; furthermore its lifespan can reach up to 20 years and smoke toxicity index reaching up to ZA1 grade smoke toxicity index rating. At its core lies an excellent non-combustible and safe material with antimicrobial protection that also features characteristics for fire prevention, heat insulation, energy savings, sound absorption and noise reduction as well as moisture resistance and mildew resistance – making this new multipurpose composite material energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Technical Points

A six-coating and six-baking process production line involves pretreatment followed by high temperature curing and cooling treatment through three coatings at high temperature and then low temperature curing; three layer printing and low temperature curing processes follow, eventually providing six repetitions that ensure product adhesion is good, weather resistance excellent, pattern clear accuracy with strong stereooscopic effect.

Development Importance and Purpose of Printed Metal Plates for Construction

Let single and multi-color coatings merge visually with traditional stone series and wood grain road, and introduce colorful coated boards instead of stones and wood grain in urbanized construction areas.

Protecting the ecological environment through reduced use of stone resources and damage to forest resources is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly green product. Lighten the load on buildings. Reduced steel and concrete usage for main engineering designs.

As recycling resources is central to environmental sustainability, construction waste will no longer create pollution and harm. Furthermore, personalization can add custom touches that break from a plain color environment. With metal curtain wall printing panels on offer today, any situation can become unique!

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