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Nano boron nitride BN is a new type of nano material

What are nano boron nitride BN?
  Nanometer (nm) is a length unit like meters and micrometers. One nanometer is equal to ten to the minus ninth square meter, which is about an order of magnitude larger than the growth of chemical bonds. Nanotechnology is a science and technology that studies the laws of motion and interaction of a system composed of substances with a size between 0.1 and 100 nanometers, as well as possible technical problems in practical applications. It can be derived from nanoelectronics, mechanics, biology, material science and processing.  

What are the characteristics of nano boron nitride BN?
  When the particle size is reduced to the nanometer level, it will cause new characteristics of sound, light, electricity, magnetism, and heat. For nano-body materials, we can use the six words "lighter, taller, stronger" to summarize. "Lighter" means that with the help of nano boron nitride BN and technology, we can prepare devices with smaller size, unchanged or better performance, and reduce the size of the device to make it lighter. "Higher" means that nano boron nitride BN are expected to have higher optical, electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties. "Strong" means that nano boron nitride BN have stronger mechanical properties (such as strength and toughness, etc.). For nanoceramics, nanocrystallization is expected to solve the brittleness problem of ceramics, and may exhibit similar plasticity to materials such as metals. 

The application prospects of nano boron nitride BN
The application prospects of nano boron nitride BN are very broad, such as: nanoelectronic devices, medicine and health, aerospace, aviation and space exploration, environment, resources and energy, biotechnology, etc. Although scientists have been studying the application of nano boron nitride BN, many technologies are still difficult to directly benefit mankind. Since 2001, there have been some nano enterprises and nano products in China, such as "nano refrigerators" and "nano washing machines". Some "nano powders" are used in these products, but the core functions of refrigerators and washing machines are the same as any traditional products. "Nano powders" give them some new functions, but they are not the core technology of such products. Therefore, this type of product cannot be called a real "nano product", it is a sales method and a new selling point for merchants. At this stage, the application of nano boron nitride BN is mainly concentrated in nanopowders, which is the initial stage of nano boron nitride BN. It should be pointed out that this is only the initial stage of nano boron nitride BN application. It can be said that this is not the core of nano boron nitride BN, let alone “nano powders”. "Applications" are equivalent to nano boron nitride BN. 
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