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Nanotechnology Makes Our Life More Convenient, Smart and Healthy

China International Nanotechnology Industry Expo is China’s premier and most important international conference in the field of nanotechnology. China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences host the Naboa.

Between 2010 and 2019, Expo had ten successful sessions. Expo is China’s leading nanotechnology event and was recognized and actively taken part in by all world nanoparticles after ten years of growth. Multi-level strategic alliances were established with various industry events, including the United States, South Korea (Russia, Iran), Israel, and South Korea. A normalized exchange process was also created. The Expo has been able to form solid partnerships with internationally recognized nano exhibitions. China’s international nanotechnology conference brand was successfully established.

” With its authority, professionalism, and internationalization, the China Nabo Expo attracts many exhibitors from all over the world every year. “One hundred flowers blossom, one hundred exhibit, and exhibitors showcase black technology. There are countless high-tech products that compete for the show and shining,” says Dr. Luo of Mis-asia Technology Co. Ltd.

This “magic kitchen product” shows off the endless charms of the nanoworld. Nano-imaging touch film is applied to this interactive system. It allows you to play the keyboard while you watch the recipe and cook, as well as surf the Internet.

This new technology, “nanoenhanced Raman spectrumcopy”, that can “detect trench oil within one minute” is a testament to the effectiveness of nanotechnology. Nano-enhancers are added to the detection agent, which enhances electron adsorption and the substance’s performance. Polymerization determines the color of an oil’s spectrum and detects its quality. This allows unqualified oils to be detected quickly.

The glass counter looks ordinary, and the food is still steaming. However, it magically transforms to a large touch screen when a finger slides. Both movies and recipes can be used in any situation. These magic tricks can become omnipresent in our home. Mirrors, coffee tables and tables are able to be made into wonderful displays and human-computer interactions.

Nanotechnology can be used in pharmaceutical formulations to make drugs recognize cancerous cells. The cure for all diseases will come to an end as cells can be eradicated in one stroke.

The nano-photocatalyst technique allows air purifiers to be manufactured and used in cars, homes, refrigerators, and many other places. The majority of harmful substances in the air can be decomposed by removing them. they are decomposed and oxidized into harmless carbon dioxide, water, and other substances to clean the air.

This high-tech product is possible because of the wide application and widespread acceptance of nanotechnology. Together with Nabo Expo these nano-black technologies products have penetrated our lives deeply and are now becoming visible to everyone. With the development of nanotechnology, more and better nano-black products have been made. We can now see the beauty of these nano-black products in daily life.

“Thanks the state’s support to the nanoindustry Luoyang Industrial Park cared and invested in the nano industry, and the exhibition’s propaganda fronts brought people closer to actual nano-products.” “More of nano high-tech products came to us unexpectedly through the assistance of Nabo Expo’s first international exhibition stage. There are many new and innovative nano high-tech products that we can view. This is the beginning of the evolution of the nano-industry. Expo will continue to make it clear that the industry’s market is growing and the Expo will help create a positive and prosperous future.

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