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Natural flake graphite with excellent physical and chemical properties

Overviews of Natural flake graphite
Graphite can be divided into crystalline graphite (flaky) and amorphous graphite (earth-like) according to its different crystallinity. Flake graphite is natural crystalline graphite, which is shaped like fish phosphorus, belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, and has a layered structure. It has good high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plasticity, acid and alkali resistance. Flake graphite is divided into large flake graphite and fine flake graphite according to the size of its flakes. Generally, large scale refers to scaly graphite of +50 mesh, +80 mesh and +100 mesh. Flake graphite smaller than these meshes is called fine flake graphite.
Natural flake graphite has excellent physical and chemical properties and is widely used in metallurgy, electronics, light industry, military, defense, aerospace and refractory industries. It is an important non-metallic raw material that is indispensable for high technology. Flake graphite is widely used in refractories and coatings in the gold processing industry. Such as magnesia carbon bricks, crucibles, smelting non-ferrous metals, special steel and other precious metal materials, ingot protection devices, smelting furnace lining magnesia carbon bricks, etc.


Application of Natural flake graphite
As a functional filler of coatings, flake graphite is mainly used for anti-corrosion coatings, fire-resistant coatings and conductive coatings.
As an anti-corrosion material, it is made of carbon black, talcum powder and oil, etc., and has good resistance to chemicals and solvents. If chemical pigments such as zinc yellow are added to the formulation, the anti-rust effect will be better.
Expandable graphite is used as fireproof filler, which is a kind of graphite interlaminar compound obtained by chemical or electrochemical treatment with natural graphite flakes as raw material.
Flake graphite can be directly used as a carbon-based conductive filler, or it can be made into a composite conductive filler for conductive coatings.
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