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New silicon-based material can charge the battery to 80% in -5 minutes

The mileage and charging speed of new energy vehicles are the biggest problems in the development of electric cars. Recently, according to Korean media reports, the Korean Academy of Sciences (KIST) successfully developed a silicon-based anode material to replace the graphite material currently used in electric vehicle power batteries. And the silicon-based anode can increase the capacity by four times.

Silicon is not a new material, and its storage capacity is ten times that of graphite. Therefore, many battery companies will use silicon-based materials to improve battery performance. But silicon has a fatal disadvantage as an anode material-silicon has poor stability during charging / discharging, which significantly shortens battery life.

Researchers solved this problem by drying the materials. They mixed silicon and corn starch with water (no kidding). Then They heated the mixture with "a simple heat treatment for frying food" In this way, a carbon-silicon compound is obtained, which has four times the energy storage capacity of a graphite anode and can also charge an EV battery to 80% in only five minutes, and is environmentally friendly.

Dr. Leo, a researcher at Trunnano, said, "This is exciting news, and we hope to mass-produce it as soon as possible so that our nano-silicon series products will also have a larger market share."

Trunnano is one of the world's most massive R & D and production of silicon products, with nano-silicon and various Silicide products. If you need or have any questions, please contact Dr. Leo at

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