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NiTi powder in cells culture with no growth inhibition

NiTi powder in cells culture with no growth inhibition. The medium's inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis also showed the separating rate in the different-size particles with the low separating rates of Ni and Ti. Although the NiTi alloy with high stability properties, a low degradation rate, and a low oxidation rate, the element of tolerance rate still needs to be concerned. The ICP data showed that the concentration of Ni increased with particle size. The data indicated that the NiTi alloy powder has the potential to be released and separated after being implanted in the living body. Our ICP data is followed the ISO10993 guideline to extract the element. The alloy was in the MEM medium with 8 hours of shaking for five days to take the sample to perform an ICP assay. In the future, the segregation in the micro-scale and the in vivo assay with long-term study should be performed to identify the devices from NiTi powder manufactured. However, the element composition is important to verify to prove the manufacturing method can deal with the NiTi alloy with stable yield and quality. The XRD was performed to assay the different powder sizes with or without the same crystal structure. The XRD data showed that the powders were the single phase contained only NiTi phase without macro segregation. The EDS assay was performed to confirm the composition of elements. The powders with sizes from 300–150 μm were used to apply in the EDS experiment (Fig. 2B, left panel). The EDS analysis with region mapping data showed the 300–150 μm powder with the Ni and Ti peaks. The point of EDS spectra also indicated the same results with region mapping. The powder diameter size can be influenced by electrode diameter and rotation speed. The ASM handbook has demonstrated that any kind of alloy with a rotating electrode process can use the formula to estimate the particle diameter. The equation is listed below it. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Fe3O4, or if you require the latest price of Fe3O4, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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