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Overview of cement foaming agent

The synthetic foaming agent used for concrete is a highly concentrated and efficient liquid that produces lightweight foamed concrete. Foamed concrete is also called foamed lightweight concrete (CLC). CLC concrete has great potential in the construction of honeycomb lightweight applications. Using the correct type of foaming agent will make a huge difference in product properties (such as the mechanical properties of concrete and its resistance, etc.). Synthetic foaming agents are chemical substances that reduce the surface tension of liquids and are widely used worldwide to manufacture blocks, bricks, CLC concrete, etc. Compared with other foaming agents, it can be formed with less energy when high density is required. It is strongly recommended for use in the construction industry as the demand for lightweight concrete increases. The cement foaming agent's influence on foam concrete's quality is very important. A good cement foaming agent can make high-quality foamed concrete. The foam produced by high-quality cement foaming agents has good stability and can be constructed in a low-temperature environment. The one-time pouring height is more than twice that of similar cement foaming agents. The foam produced by the protein foaming agent has good stability, its liquid film is tough, and its mechanical strength is good. It is not easy to crack or excessively deform under the extrusion of the slurry. In addition, it has self-holding water, and the water on the liquid film is not easy to lose under gravity and surface tension. It can maintain the thickness and integrity of the foam liquid film for a long time, so the foam can be retained for a long time without breaking. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective foam concrete or require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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