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Overview of Nano Silicon

Nano silicon

The smallest diameter of crystal silicon particles is 5 nanometers. It has characteristics such as high purity and small particles size. This powder is very porous, has high surface activity, low bulk densities, and is non-toxic. This is the new generation in optoelectronic materials, with wide gaps energy semiconductors. It is also high-power light source material.

Principal uses of nano silicon powder

It reacts with organic matter to make organic silicon polymer materials.

Polysilicon is made from metal silicon.

Metal surface treatment;

Use Nanocarbon powder, or graphite instead to anode the lithium battery. This will greatly increase its capacity.

The preparation of nano silicon

Nano silicon can be prepared using coarse silicon. In general, coarse silicon of millimeters is crushed to below 100 microns. Then it’s ground down to nanometer levels with a mill. The mutual movement between the material and the grinding medium is achieved by using the medium to rub, crush, and impact the material.

Use of nanosilicon in the floor-industry


Material, an inorganic mortar is a single-component water product. It has resin content so that it can be used in combination with resin products. It can penetrate the concrete below its lower layer and be matched with quartz sand and cement. This ensures that the cement and quartz sand can bond to each other and prevent cracking and delamination. It’s an essential material for contemporary floor products.

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Nano silicon

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