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Papermaking industry scrambles to raise prices! Shortage of raw material supply Water-based calcium stearate usher in a new wave of price increases

Paper giants have raised prices one after another, and the market is ushering in a new wave of price increases. It is reported that since mid-February so far, the current base paper mill has completed four rounds of price increases, generally rising by 500-600 yuan/ton, and the highest has exceeded 1,000 yuan/ton. What's more, there was a one-off increase of 500 yuan/ton in a paper mill. After this surge, paper prices have risen by 30% -50%.
Shortage of raw materials supply, a recent surge in paper prices
It is not difficult to find from the recent price adjustment letters and customer notification letters issued by papermaking companies that words such as a tight supply of raw materials and rising costs appear frequently. The price adjustment letter issued by the papermaking company on March 10 showed that due to the shortage of raw materials and the impact of rising costs, it was decided to raise the company's product prices by 300 yuan/ton on the original basis from March 10. The paper company said on March 10 that many employees were unable to return to work on time, and the raw materials required for production could not be supplied on time, resulting in regular production.
People in the industry said that the main reasons for the recent rise that the outbreak affected the waste paper acquisition process, resulting in the tight supply of waste paper as raw material. The second is the unsatisfactory resumption of work due to the return of paper companies and logistics after the holiday. These reasons affect production capacity.
It is difficult for employees to return to work on time, resulting in the unsatisfactory resumption of work and affecting the raw material capacity.
Papermaking companies have a low startup load, and some companies have announced that they will suspend or limit orders. Papermaking companies generally need at least three days of raw material storage for startup and operation, but the current delivery volume is difficult to guarantee.
From the perspective of demand, the express delivery and logistics industries have resumed construction, and e-commerce and other industries' demand for packaging paper has gradually recovered. At the same time, some cardboard and carton factories started to restock. According to news from Jiangsu Post Administration Bureau, all brand delivery enterprises in Jiangsu Province have resumed production. And the average daily delivery volume and delivery volume have gradually risen to more than 90% of the business volume of the same period last year.
Water-based calcium stearate, as one of the critical raw materials for paper production, can improve the properties of the coating surface. With the sharp increase in prices of the global papermaking industry, Trunnano, as a significant global supplier of water-based stearic acid and water-based calcium stearate, is ready to maintain standard supply and transportation capabilities and can supply products to global customers.
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