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Preparation method of high efficiency water reducing agent of sulfamate

Chemical name for the aromatic amino sulfonate polymer, the production of sodium p-aminobenzene sulfonate, phenol as raw materials through addition, polycondensation reaction eventually generated with a certain degree of polymerization polymer, its water reduction rate can reach 30%, high cost, easy to bleeding, often combined with naphthalene series of highly effective water reducing agent used, can solve the problem of compatibility between naphthalene series of highly effective water reducing agent and cement. The synthesis process is through sulfamate water reducer and polyoxy olefin compounds condensation or with other compounds, such as lignosulfonate, catalytic graft to modify sulfamate water reducer. Sulfamate superplasticizer and polyoxy olefin compound polycondensation changed sulfamate superplasticizer integrated the advantages of poly (carboxylic acid series) and sulfamate series superplasticizer, which has good workability and early strength, but the raw material price is high, and the production cost is high. The graft copolymerization of lignosulfonate and sulfamic acid superplasticizer can reduce the production cost and improve the segregation and bleeding of sulfamic acid superplasticizer. For example, Yang Dongjie l et al. synthesized modified amino sulfonate superplasticizer ASM by grafting copolymerization of amino sulfonate superplasticizer and lignin sulfonate, which reduced the production cost of amino sulfonate superplasticizer. At the same time, when mixed with amino sulfonate superplasticizer, the bleeding rate was reduced, and the water reduction rate was increased. Concrete mixed with SAM can meet the requirements of high-strength concrete in slump loss and compressive strength. The grafting copolymerization process of sulfamic acid superplasticizer and lignosulfonate is shown in the figure. Fatty acid system high-efficiency water reducing agent: chemical name for aliphatic hydroxy sulfonate polymer, the production of raw materials are mainly acetone, formaldehyde, Na2SO3, Na2S2O5, catalyst, etc. Its concentration of 30%~40% brown-red liquid products with a water reduction rate of up to 20% can be used for low-grade concrete and will make concrete staining. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective water reducer, or if you require the latest price of water reducer, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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