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Preparation of nano ATO aqueous dispersion

Nanometer ATO aqueous dispersion is suitable for mixing paints with various water-based resins, resulting in non-toxic and pollution-free thermal insulation coatings. Its preparation has been extensively studied, and many achievements have been achieved. When the pH value of the dispersion system is 2, the dispersion stability of nano ATO is the worst. When the pH value exceeds this value, the dispersion stability increases. When the pH value is 9, the dispersion stability is the best. When the pH value is greater than 9, the dispersion stability of the system is reduced due to its strong alkalinity. Nanometer ATO powder was modified using the ball milling dispersion method by combining nonionic polymer dispersants and anionic dispersants. The study showed that the optimal mass ratio of the two dispersants was 2:1, and the dispersion obtained had the best dispersibility and stability. Using the grinding dispersion method, it was found that after grinding for 40 h, the average particle size of the slurry was<100 nm; Due to the accessible introduction of impurities during the grinding process, the average particle size of the slurry increases with increasing grinding time. Using sodium polyphosphate as a dispersant, adding an appropriate amount of stabilizer and 0.1% thickener during the grinding process, adjusting the pH value of the system to 9, the prepared slurry was stored at room temperature for two years without sedimentation, extending the shelf life of the product. The experiment also found that when anhydrous ethanol accounted for 10% of the total solvent (mixture of water and anhydrous ethanol), a dispersed and stable ATO slurry could be prepared without adding a dispersant. The competition between water and ethanol molecules for ATO powder was balanced, making it durable and dispersed. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective ATO, or if you require the latest price of ATO, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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