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Preparation process of titanium diboride

Direct synthesis method: T and B powder are directly combined in a high-temperature reactor to generate titanium diboride. The reaction temperature of this method is above 2000 , the raw material price is high, the process is not easy to control, the reaction is incomplete, the purity of TiB2 generated is low, and other compounds such as TiB and Ti2B are easily generated. Borothermal method: experimental TiO2 (purity higher than 99%, anatase structure, particle size 0.2-0.3 μ m) And nonproduct (92%, particle size 0.2-0.3 μ m) As raw material. The mixing ratio in the ball mill is Ti: B=1:4, and the weight ratio of the ball to powder is 40:1. The ball milling process is completed under vacuum. The reaction temperature shall not exceed 1100 . Melt electrolysis method: Titanium oxides, alkali (or alkaline earth) metal borates, and fluorites are produced under molten electrolysis conditions to form titanium diboride. Carbothermal reduction method: reaction formula: 2TiO2+5C+B2O3=2TiB2+5CO . Boron carbide method: reaction formula: 2TiO2+3C+B4C=2TiB2+4CO or 2TiO2+C+B4C=2TiB2+2CO2 Self combustion method: reaction formula: TiO2+5Mg+B2O3=TiB2+5MgO, TiB2+MgO+2HNO3=TiB2+Mg (NO3) 2+H2O. Vapor deposition method: reaction formula: TiCl4+2BCI3+5H2=TiB2+10HCI . Sol-gel method: titanium diboride can also be prepared using inorganic salts of Ti and B as raw materials. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective titanium diboride, or if you require the latest price of titanium diboride, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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