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Process of copper oxide

Copper oxide direct flotation method: Direct flotation method is the earliest method used to directly utilize collector flotation without sodium sulfide activation, including fatty acid flotation method, amine flotation method, neutral oil emulsion flotation method, and chelating collector flotation method. It is suitable for copper oxide ores with simple mineral composition and uncomplicated properties. There has been no breakthrough in the direct flotation of complex copper oxide ores up to now. High efficiency selective collectors are particularly important for direct flotation. In the early stage of research and application of copper oxide flotation, fatty acid salts were mostly used as collectors for direct flotation, but this method was only applicable to ores with malachite as the main ore, simple gangue, and high grade raw ore. Direct flotation method was applied earlier, but it lacks selectivity. So far, only fatty acid flotation method has been widely used in industry. For decades, people have tried to develop highly selective collectors for flotation of copper oxide minerals. Although some studies have achieved good results, they have not been widely used due to difficulties in separation and other reasons. Sulfidation flotation method: In the flotation of copper oxide, the direct flotation method usually cannot achieve good results. Sulfidation flotation method is the main flotation method for treating oxidized copper ore and mixed ore at home and abroad, and can obtain better indicators for oxidized copper ore mainly composed of malachite, azurite, and hematite. The methods used in processing mixed ores in concentrators are all sulfuration flotation methods, while individual plants use segregation flotation methods. Generally speaking, oxidized copper ore is characterized by high oxidation rate, large mud content, high combined copper content, uneven distribution of fine particles, oxygen sulfur mixing, coarse fine mixing, and coexistence of various minerals. In addition, some oxidized copper ore has low copper content, which determines the difficulty of mineral processing of oxidized copper ore. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective copper oxide, or if you require the latest price of copper oxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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