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Properties and Applications of Quartz Powder |

What is quartz?

Quartz powder is also known by the name silica. Quartz sand has a high chemical stability and is hard. Its main component is SiO2. The color of the quartz sand can be milky white, colorless or translucent. The hardness of quartz sand is 7. It is brittle with no cleavage. Shape fracture, grease-luster, density of 2,65, bulk density (20 to 200 mesh is 1,5), chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties have an obvious anisotropy. Insoluble in acid. Slightly soluble in KOH solutions. Melting point 1650. Quartz sand is the result of processing the quartz stone from the mine. It has a mesh size less than 120. The products with a mesh greater than 120 are known as quartz powder.

Use of quartz powder

Mineral fillers such as non-metallic minerals are used in many modern polymer products, including plastics, rubber and coatings. Addition of non-metallic minerals such as the quartz powder can reduce the price of polymer materials and improve their performance. It can also give them special chemical and physical characteristics. Compression resistance, impact and corrosion resistance, fire retardancy, insulation etc.

KMPASS, etc. SlEC is a high-pressure epoxy molding material that uses silicon micropowder for filler. This compound has excellent electrical characteristics, high resistance to pressure and weather, and excellent surface resistance. It is the best material to use for high voltage insulators and switches. KMPASS et al. Quartz powder was added to the patent of flame retardant insulating coateds in order to improve its thixotropic characteristics. The coating features uniform coating, no cracked, quick curing, and low costs. Liu You and other researchers added quartz to epoxy resin in order to develop an epoxy coating that is non-toxic and has anti-corrosion properties. It overcomes existing coatings’ shortcomings when it comes to brushing or spraying. KMPASS, etc. In the patented electronic insulation sealing film prepared by using butyl as the base material, adding silicon powder to it, the film prepared has high insulation strengths, waterproof, heat resistant, cold resistant, chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Good characteristics. Ideal for the insulation and sealing 0.410kV busbars as well as exposed joints on various electrical appliances.

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