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PTFE Fine Powder Pouring Skills, What are the Precautions When Storing PTFE

The fine polytetrafluoroethylene powder must maintain the powder shape and can still be poured after adding the extrusion aid. During transportation, severe vibration should be avoided as much as possible to prevent the powder from agglomerating. The storage temperature of PTFE should be controlled at 25°C or lower. It is recommended to place it in a dry place at 10°C to 20°C. It is not easy to agglomerate. , Even if it is agglomerated, it can be restored to the powder state.

The sintering process of PTFE products is a physical process, and the unsintered PTFE macromolecule is a kind of crystal region and a high-elastic amorphous state. When the temperature reaches 327℃, the crystalline area starts to disappear and transforms into an amorphous colloidal state. At this time, the macromolecular chain begins to diffuse, and there is also a relaxation process of the molecular chain. The better sintering temperature of polytetrafluoroethylene products can be Make the molecular chain diffusion process proceed quickly.

1. As a result of the movement of the molecular chain, the pores left by the volatilization of the auxiliary agent are filled, the internal stress caused by the directional fiberization of the resin particles during the pushing process is eliminated, and the resin interface disappears, and the tight chain of the macromolecule is in the At the same time, the temperature of the PTFE product is increased appropriately, which is conducive to the progress of the diffusion process.

2. However, due to the poor thermal conductivity of PTFE, it is easy to produce a large temperature gradient in the insulating layer, that is to say, if the temperature is too high, the sintering speed is inappropriately accelerated, which will decompose the insulating surface.

3. In order to greatly simplify storage and handling, when the temperature difference is large, prevent storage under high humidity conditions to prevent water vapor from condensing the dispersed PTFE resin for paste extrusion, which is easy to cause under shear pressure Fibrosis. Therefore, all appliances that cause fibrosis should be avoided.

4. At the same time, due to the strong electrostatic attraction of fluoroplastics, pay attention to prevent the intrusion of dust.

5. When moving the PTFE resin powder in the silo, handle it gently to avoid violent vibration to prevent the powder from agglomerating.

6. The screened material is directly screened into a mixing barrel with a diameter of 400mm and a height of 445mm.

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