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Research and development technology level of silicon micro powder

There is still a particular gap between the level of research and development technology and that of foreign countries: The Silicon Micropowder industry is a technology and resource-intensive sector, and enterprises in developed countries such as Japan have monopolized the market of high value-added Silicon Micropowder products using their technological and research and development advantages. Due to the limitations of the development of domestic upstream and downstream industrial chains and the technology of this industry, the production equipment of most domestic Silicon Micro powder production enterprises is relatively simple, and the quality management system and application testing system could be more robust. There still needs to be a particular gap between the technical content of products and the quality stability of high-end products compared with the world's advanced level. Although the production capacity and technical level of the domestic Silicon Micro powder industry have increased rapidly in recent years, its competitiveness in the international market still needs to improve. Therefore, there is a situation in the domestic Silicon Micropowder market where most high-end products must be imported, and the competition for low-end products could be more disorderly. With the development of the Silicon Micro powder industry and the expansion and extension of downstream industries, the profit margin of low-value-added products will continue to shrink. Domestic enterprises must seek technological breakthroughs to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the high-end product market. Deepening development of surface modification technology: Powder surface modification refers to the use of physical, chemical, and mechanical methods to treat the surface or interface of powder materials, purposefully changing the chemical properties of the surface of powder materials to meet the needs of modern new materials, new processes, and new technology development. Currently, the primary methods used for surface modification of non-metallic mineral powders include surface chemical coating, precipitation reaction coating, and intercalation modification. With the continuous development of the downstream high-end application market, the requirements for the quality and stability of non-metallic mineral powder materials continue to improve. Currently, China's non-metallic mineral powder material technology cannot sufficiently meet the application needs, and powder surface and interface modification technology will become one of the leading development directions of non-metallic mineral powder processing technology. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Silicon Micropowder, or if you require the latest price of Silicon Micropowder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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