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Samsung’s Get It Today lets you pick up your online order at Best Buy

If you're tired of long delivery times, Samsung is now teaming up with Best Buy to offer a "Get It Today" pickup service. This lets you buy from Samsung's online store and pick it up for free at your local Best Buy within a few hours.
Selected Samsung phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and portable audio devices are eligible for same-day pickup at Best Buy. Once you're at the checkout, simply select "Buy today" from the pickup/delivery options and select the nearest Best Buy location. After you enter your payment information, keep in mind that for some reason the shipping option defaults to home delivery, so you'll have to change it back to your favorite Best Buy store.

The service is a bit like Best Buy's availability tracker, considering the devices are already at the Best Buy store where you pick them up. So, you might be thinking: Why not just go to Best Buy and get Samsung products? The only benefit to ordering directly from Samsung and picking it up at a store is that you can get exclusive Samsung deals along with your same-day order, as well as a discount.
It's worth noting that while Samsung does offer free same-day home delivery, it's only available in Dallas and New York. What would be even more exciting, though, would be if Samsung started offering the same option across the United States. Best Buy already offers same-day delivery everywhere, and while it doesn't get the exclusive Samsung discount, it could be a more attractive option for people who want the convenience of home delivery. Also, Best Buy offers same-day pickup for any product, including Apple, so it's not noteworthy that Samsung offers the same service. Not to mention, Apple itself offers quick in-store pickup.
All in all, the "Get It Today" feature only really comes in handy if you want to take advantage of Samsung's early Black Friday deals or other discounts, but don't want to wait for your order to arrive at home.

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