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Semiconductors of SiO2

Silicon dioxide is used in semiconductor technology for primary passivation (directly on the semiconductor surface) as an original gate dielectric in MOS technology. Today when scaling (dimension of the gate length of the MOS transistor) has progressed below 10  nm, silicon dioxide has been replaced by other dielectric materials like hafnium oxide or similar with higher dielectric constant compared to silicon dioxide, as a dielectric layer between metal (wiring) layers (sometimes up to 8-10) connecting elements and as a second passivation layer (for protecting semiconductor elements and the metallization layers) typically today layered with some other dielectrics like silicon nitride. Because silicon dioxide is a native silicon oxide, it is more widely used than other semiconductors like gallium arsenide or indium phosphide. Silicon dioxide could be grown on a silicon semiconductor surface. Silicon oxide layers could protect silicon surfaces during diffusion processes and be used for diffusion masking. Surface passivation is the process by which a semiconductor surface is rendered inert and does not change semiconductor properties as a result of interaction with air or other materials in contact with the surface or edge of the crystal. The formation of a thermally grown silicon dioxide layer dramatically reduces the concentration of electronic states at the silicon surface. SiO2 films preserve the electrical characteristics of p–n junctions and prevent these electrical characteristics from deteriorating in the gaseous ambient environment. Silicon oxide layers could be used to stabilize silicon surfaces electrically. The surface passivation process is an essential method of semiconductor device fabrication that involves coating a silicon wafer with an insulating layer of silicon oxide so that electricity can reliably penetrate the conducting silicon below. Growing a silicon dioxide layer on top of a silicon wafer enables it to overcome the surface states that otherwise prevent electricity from reaching the semiconducting layer. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Silicon dioxide, or if you require the latest price of Silicon dioxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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