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Small: stable cathode materials for double ion batteries based on tripyridine cobalt complex nanosheets

two-dimensional nanosheets have been widely concerned in recent years because of their unique electronic structure physical properties which can show excellent application performance in many fields. At present most of the two-dimensional nanosheets are obtained by “top-down” peeling from bulk materials resulting in smaller material size higher post-processing cost which limits the development of two-dimensional nanosheets in many fields with different application needs. On the other h the layered structure is conducive to the transfer of ions or electrons within or between layers so the two-dimensional nanosheets have great application prospects in the field of electrode materials for double ion batteries but the related research is still in a very preliminary stage. Mxene has been widely studied as a kind of inorganic cathode materials. But its maximum theoretical capacity is limited. However organic materials with structural diversity are faced with the problems of harsh synthesis conditions or volume expansion caused by ion insertion resulting in material degradation or structural collapse resulting in poor cycling stability. Based on the above scientific problems Professor Huang Weiyang’s team of Hong Kong Polytechnic University has prepared a co sheet complex based on tripyridine lig cobalt ion in a simple mild way it shows considerable electrochemical stability as a cathode material for double ion batteries. This work provides a simple low-cost method to obtain large-area functional two-dimensional nanosheets exps the application field of nanosheets provides a new perspective for the development of high-performance electrode materials for double ion batteries. Relevant results have been published in small.

metal complexes have the characteristics of both inorganic organic materials. Moreover two-dimensional metal complex nanosheets can be prepared by the “bottom-up” strategy through the spontaneous coordination between organic ligs metal ions. Terpyridine has a planar structure can spontaneously orderly coordinate with a variety of metal ions so it is suitable to be used as the construction element of two-dimensional nanosheet framework. The interface assisted synthesis method has the advantages of mild reaction conditions simple operation convenient post-treatment. The co sheet prepared by this method also has good mechanical strength thermal stability which makes the material have the potential for subsequent industrial processing. It is worth noting that the two-dimensional metal complex nanosheets prepared by this method have the characteristics of easy adjustment of the transverse area longitudinal thickness. In addition the tripyridine cobalt complex has electrical activity which can be used as a node to construct a two-dimensional grid. On the other h the electrical activity can be transferred to the nanosheets to give the nanosheets functionality the layered structure of the nanosheets can accommodate the intercalation / deblocking behavior of ions. Compared with the traditional method the co sheet method not only has better electrochemical performance but also has better electrochemical performance. There are few reports on the application of

two-dimensional metal complex nanosheets as electrodes of double-ion batteries. As a preliminary exploration this study shows that these metal complexes nanomaterials with adjustable structure performance can be widely used in the field of energy storage. The research on

has been supported by the Shenzhen Science technology innovation Commission the National Natural Science Foundation of China the Hong Kong Research Grants Council the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s outsting subject area program the Hong Kong Polytechnic University the Ou Xueming energy named Professor program.

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