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Sony is testing a feature of PS5 that can be automatically uploaded to your phone

SONY has begun testing a feature that, once enabled, automatically uploads screenshots and video screenshots to your phone via the PlayStation app, and then you can share them as you like.
The handy feature is currently in early testing and is only available in Canada and Japan, presumably to allow SONY to test any bugs before bringing them to bigger markets such as the US and UK. Thankfully, The Verge has obtained some screenshots with some key details.

Today, PS5 players in Canada and Japan share their screenshots and game clips through the PlayStation App. For details, please login: https://t.co/afVHXLbJsZ pic.twitter.com/WMVWqHP1GYOctober 18, 2021.
It's worth noting that any video you shoot needs to be under three minutes, as anything over three minutes won't be uploaded to the PlayStation app. Likewise, video clips with a resolution greater than 1920×1080 won't be uploaded to the app, and you won't be able to manually upload anything yourself.
Once you enable this new feature, any screenshots and clips you capture are automatically stored on the PlayStation app for 14 days. You can then view and share that data through an app of your choice, even if you're not connected to WiFi(just keep an eye on your data usage and you won't receive an overcharge). You don't even need a PlayStation Plus subscription to use the feature, though that could change after the full launch.
If the game could be distributed more widely, it would be a huge convenience for those who like to share content regularly. And if you accidentally delete a screenshot or clip, it can still be viewed and shared as a backup through the PlayStation app. There's no release date yet, but hopefully, we'll hear more from SONY soon.

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