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SSC INVAR 36 nickel alloy plate is an austenitic nickel-iron alloy

SSC INVAR 36 nickel
alloy plate is an austenitic nickel-iron alloy containing 36% nickel. Invar 36
(FeNi36) is a nickel-iron, low-expansion alloy with a near-zero thermal
expansion rate and can maintain almost constant dimensions from cryogenic
temperatures to 260°C. It has become a popular choice when it comes to
composite material manufacturing. A general expectation for Invar materials is
that magnetism causes a negative thermal expansion coefficient to counteract a
positive thermal expansion of the lattice. This magneto-volume effect arises
from the rich magnetic landscape of iron and its dependence on the volume and
local atomic configurations. Due to this, demand has grown for aluminum-clad
invar alloy wire, which has a thick corrosion resistance layer, high strength,
and good electric conductivity, reducing transmission loss and CO2 emissions. Invar
36 or Fe-36wt% Ni alloy is known for its nearly zero coefficient of thermal
expansion (CTE) below its Curie temperature (230 ºC). Due to its dimensional
invariance over a wide range of service temperatures, Invar 36 alloy is widely
used in components that require high dimensional stability, high reliability,
and high precision, including length standard rulers, clock parts, television
shadow-mask frames, liquefied natural gas storage tanks, gyroscopes, satellite
remote sensing equipment, astronomical telescope bases, etc. However, its
intrinsic microstructural characteristic, i.e., a single face-centered cubic
(FCC) solid solution, results in relatively low hardness and strength, although
it gives rise to excellent ductility; for conventionally manufactured Invar 36,
their room temperature 0.2% yield strength is in between 230 and 350 MPa and
tensile strength in between 400 and 500 MPa. The low yield strength greatly
restricts its application as a load-bearing structural material in space and
aerospace industries. Its high work hardening and high flexibility also make it
challenging to machine Invar 36 alloy into complex-shaped components.
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