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Synthesis and characterization of nanosized Ti3AlC2

A simple method was reported to synthesize high-content ternary carbide Ti3AlC2 nanoparticles from Ti, Al, and C starting elemental powders without ball milling in NaCl‒KCl molten salt. The effects of the mass ratio of the salt to starting materials, temperature, reaction time, and Al molar ratio on the preparation of Ti3AlC2 were investigated. The Ti3AlC2 formation is dramatically influenced by the temperature and mass ratio of the salt to raw materials: a higher temperature and higher mass ratio of the salt to raw materials are preferable for Ti3AlC2 powder formation. Homogenous Ti3AlC2 powder with a particle size of ˜100 nm is synthesized by 3Ti/Al/2C starting elemental powders in NaCl‒KCl molten salt at 900 °C for ten h, 950 °C for five h, or 1000 °C for two h, respectively, when the mass ratio of the salt to 3Ti/Al/2C starting materials is 10:1. Titanium aluminum carbide Ti3AlC2, as one of the layered ternary carbides known as the MAX phase, has attracted increasing attention in recent years owing to its combination of excellent properties of metals and ceramics, such as good electrical and thermal conductivity, easy machinability, excellent thermal shock resistance, low frictional coefficient, high thermal stability, and high-temperature oxidation resistance. Especially, Ti3AlC2 exhibits some abnormal compressive plasticity at room temperature compared with normal ceramics. Therefore, it can be a potential material for various functional and structural applications, such as structural material for high temperatures, heat exchangers for nuclear power stations, electric contact materials, etc.

Additionally, Ti3AlC2 is also a raw material for Ti3C2 preparation, which is a member of the family of two-dimensional (2D) layers of transition metal carbides called “MXene” and has shown great promise in Li-ion batteries, pseudo-capacitors, support for catalysts, and conductive reinforcement/additives to polymers applications. Hence, the large-scale fabrication of ultrafine Ti3AlC2 powder has become increasingly important. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Titanium Aluminum Carbide, or if you require the latest price of Titanium Aluminum Carbide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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