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Take you into the world of moving bearings codes

Take you into the world of rolling bearings codes

Rolling bearings codes describe the inner diameter, diameter series, size series, and type of the bearings, which are generally approximately five digits. The code is composed of basic code, article code, as well as front code.


Basic code.

First, as follows.

1) The internal diameter of the bearings is shown by the very first, as well as the 2nd numbers of the rolling bearings code. For bearings with a common internal size d = 20 ~ 480mm, the inner side of the bearings is normally a multiple of 5. These two figures represent the ratio of the internal size of the bearings divided by 5. such as 04 for d = 20mm, 12 for d = 60mm, and more. For bearings with inner sizes of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm as well as 17mm, the inner diameter codes are 00. 01. 02. and 03 in order. For bearings with an internal diameter of less than 10mm and also greater than 500mm, the method of sharing the internal size is otherwise defined, see GB/ T272-93.

2) The size series of bearings (that is, the series of modifications in outer diameter and width of bearings with the exact same structure and also the very same internal diameter) is suggested by the third digit from the right of the standard code. For example, for radial bearings and radial drive bearings, 0 and 1 represent added light collection; 2 represents light series; 3 represents medium series; 4 stands for heavy series; 7 represents ultra added light.

Thrust bearings dimension, as well as size series, are a little various from radial bearings. Among them, 0means extremely light collection, 1 suggests additional light series, two methods light series, three means medium series, 4 implies heavy collection, and five ways extra hefty series.

3) The width series of the bearings (namely, the series of adjustments in bearings size in which the structure, inner size, and also size collection coincide) is indicated by the fourth number from the right of the fundamental code. When the size series of the size collection displayed in Number 13-4 is the 0 series (regular collection), the size collection code O is not marked in the code for the majority of bearings, but for round roller bearings as well as tapered roller bearings, the width series Code 0 shall be noted. The diameter series, as well as width series, are collectively described as the dimension collection.

4) The moving bearings codes are indicated by the very first digit from the left of the standard code.

5) Moving bearings codes:

0 indicates double row angular contact sphere bearings.

One implies self-aligning sphere bearings.

2 indicates spherical roller bearings as well as thrust round roller bearings.

3 indicates tapered roller bearings.

4 indicates dual row deep groove ball bearings.

5 indicates drive sphere bearings.

6 indicates deep groove sphere bearings.

7 implies angular get in touch with bearings.

8 indicates drive cylindrical roller bearings.

N implies cylindrical roller bearings and also double row round roller bearings NN.

U indicates external spherical bearings.

QJ implies four-point get in touch with ball bearings.



Moving bearings codes in the behind are composed of letters as well as numbers to suggest the bearings framework, tolerances, and also special requirements of products and more. There is a lot of postal codes. Right here are some generally used codes.

1) The inner framework code suggests different inner frameworks of the same sort of bearings, which is indicated by the letter complied with by the standard code. For example, angular call sphere bearings with contact angles of 15 °, 25 °, as well as 40 ° usage C, Air Conditioning, and B to suggest the differences in the HotTag inner structure.

2) bearings tolerance qualities are separated right into two grades, four grades, five grades, six qualities, 6X qualities, and 0 qualities. There are a total of 6 grades, in order from high to reduced, and their codes are/ PZ,/ P4./ PS,/ P6./ P6X, and also/ P0. Amongst resistance grades, grade 6X is just applicable to conical roller bearings; quality 0 is common grade as well as is not marked in the bearings code.

3) The commonly secondhand bearings radial clearance collection is split right into 1 group, two groups, 0 groups, three groups, four groups as well as five teams, a total of 6 teams, the radial clearance in order from small to large. The clearance of team o is a usual clearance group, which is not noted in the bearings code. The staying clearance teams are represented by/ C1./ C2./ C3./ C4./ C5 in the bearings code.

Front code.

Rolling bearings codes in the front is used to suggest the sub-components of the bearings, which are represented by letters. For instance, L is the separable ferrule of the separable bearings; K is the rolling element and cage setting up of the bearings.

There are several sorts of rolling bearings utilized in practice, as well as the equivalent bearings codes are likewise much more complex. The code presented over is one of the most standards and also generally used part of the bearings code. When you are familiar with this code, you can determine and examine the frequently previously owned bearings.


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