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The Application of Graphene in Epidemic Prevention Articles Will Increase the Using Time by More Than 12 Times

Masks are consumables. Whether they are medical non-woven masks, dust masks, or N95 masks, they all have a service life. The short ones are disposable. N95 costumes need to be replaced for more than 4 hours of continuous wear.
In the context of the global epidemic, although every mask manufacturer is working overtime, it is still in short supply.
Recently, researchers from the China Aviation Development Institute of Aviation Materials have developed a new type of mask using graphene as the source material. It is said that this new type of cover has a continuous life span of up to 48 hours.
In the 21st century, materials, especially new materials, will remain the cornerstone of modern industrial development. Except for technological power, today's industrial capabilities are all material powers.

As a new type of material, graphene has been repeatedly mentioned in the past few years.
What kind of fairy material is this graphene?
Graphene is also known as "black gold" and "king of new materials." It is a two-dimensional multifunctional nanomaterial composed of a single layer of carbon atoms. This primary graphene material is only as thick as a layer of atoms. Stacked layers of graphene are our ordinary graphite.
How amazing is graphene? If a 1 square meter graphene material is made into a hammock, it only weighs 1 mg, and this 1 mg material can stand on a cat weighing 1 kg!
Since its inception, graphene has been recognized by scientists as the next generation of revolutionary and strategic materials. Some scientists even predicted that it is very likely to set off a disruptive new technological revolution sweeping the world, and then completely change the 21st century.

Where is the magic of graphene masks?
The protective principle of the mask is to block the aerosol particles in the air and the droplets when we speak. The virus attaches to these aerosol particles, droplets, and other carriers and enters the body. Therefore, as long as the mask can block these media, it can prevent the virus from entering the human body.
Graphene masks are made by applying new graphene polypropylene melt-blown cloth materials to the critical filter layers of ordinary masks.
Masks made of graphene are more antibacterial and better breathable. Compared with N95, the difference is mainly in the following aspects:
The analysis of graphene by Professor Yang Jianfeng of Xi'an Jiaotong University is: first: graphene has a small volume, so the surface energy is high, that is, the adsorption capacity is strong; second, its end structure is incomplete, which is equivalent to static electricity, and the blocking effect is better. Professor Yang Jianfeng believes that sharp graphene edges can form "nano-knife" and destroy the structure of virus attachments.
Graphene masks take advantage of the fact that graphene has only atomic thickness. A single layer of graphene can be regarded as a very sharp blade. In the air, viruses may not only attach to particles such as aerosols, but also may connect to some bacterial cells, and this "sharp blade" can destroy these bacterial cells, thereby achieving indirect blocking The effect of viruses entering the human body.

Where is the commercial bottleneck of graphene?
Graphene has a history of more than ten years since its discovery, but many products based on it, such as graphene batteries, can charge an electric car for 1,000 kilometers by charging for 10 minutes. They are currently laboratory products.
However, the process of going out of the laboratory for graphene masks is much faster, and the process from technology to product took only 25 days.
Now, the new graphene mask production line has the capacity to produce 200,000 per day. However, this production line currently only exists in the research and development team of this graphene mask, China Aviation Development Aviation Materials Institute.
At present, the application of graphene is still in its infancy, but it has enormous application potential in biomedicine and batteries. Some organizations predict that China's graphene market will continue to grow by more than 60% in the next three years. By 2021, the market size will reach 200 million US dollars, and the prospects are extensive.
Graphene masks were born at this point, which can be regarded as the first shot for the graphene industry.
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