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The chemical doping of monolayer MoS2 film

The chemical doping of monolayer MoS2 film over a 13 cm2 area for developing photodetector devices was reported by Kim et al.. The n-type MoS2 semiconductor transitions into the p-type semiconductor after doping with Nb. Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy were used to characterize the doped MoS2. The Nb-doped MoS2 showed binding energy peaks at lower values compared with MoS2. The Nb- and Mn-doped monolayer MoS2 FETs showed p-type and n-type doped MoS2 characteristics, respectively. MoS2 photodetectors, transfer curves (drain current versus gate voltage), and photoresponsivity of Nb-doped MoS2 photodetectors as a function of optical power and compares the photoresponsivity, EQE, and detectivity of Nb-doped MoS2 photodetectors with updated MoS2 photodetectors at different laser wavelengths. A sublinear relationship (R  ) was observed for Nb-doped MoS2 photodetector between photoresponsivity (R) and optical power (P), which yielded an α value of −0.9 using the power function fitting method. The Nb-doped MoS2 photodetector showed a photoresponsivity of 2 × 105 A W−1, 106 times higher than the photoresponsivity of 0.52 A W−1 for the MoS2 film measured under similar conditions at a 550 nm laser wavelength. The highest photoresponsivity of 4.83 × 105 A W−1 was recorded at 750 nm wavelength for the Nb-doped MoS2 photodetector. Likely, the EQE for the Nb-doped MoS2 photodetector was found to be 9.31 × 107%, which was 106 times higher compared with the EQE of 107% for the MoS2 device at 450 nm wavelength. The Nb-doped MoS2 photodetector showed detectivity of 5.0 × 1012 Jones, compared with the detective of 3.93 × 108 Jones for the undoped MoS2 photodetector at 750 nm wavelength, which resulted in 105 times higher detectivity after Nb-doping. One hundred five folds also increased the photocurrent values of Nb-doped MoS2 devices due to the charge-transfer process. The Nb-doped MoS2 devices also exhibited faster rise/decay times of 4.9 ms and 5.7 ms compared with 0.63 s and 1.63 s for the undoped MoS2 devices at 550 nm laser wavelength, respectively. The Nb-doped MoS2 photodetector devices showed stability for 30 days under ambient conditions. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Molybdenum disulfide, or if you require the latest price of Molybdenum disulfide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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