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The era of industrial intelligent manufacturing-3D printing will develop rapidly

In recent years, 3D printing technology has increased. Whether it is the development of 3D printing technology or 3D printing materials, it has good development prospects in some critical areas. Especially in the field of industrial design, 3D printing technology's outstanding substantial molding advantages are being favored by many parties. At the same time, the application potential of 3D printing is deeply explored by designers.

Take the small part of the bearing cage, which can be achieved by 3D printing. 3D printed bearing cages for rapid product design verification are now commonplace. When designing a 3D printed enclosure, the producer can generally adopt an interlocking structure, and the rolling bodies fix each part of the cage together. The purpose of this is to make the cage have more space around the circumference of the cage, and the bearing load can be distributed on a more significant number of rolling elements to achieve better performance.

From a global perspective, 3D printing has at least three levels of application in the field of "Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing." In the area of the military industry, for example, certain parts of the aircraft are required to be lightweight, and 3D printing can be used for one-time molding. In the general industrial field, 3D printing is currently used more for new product development, and the mold making time is compressed from about two months to one week. In the field of personalized customization, 3D printing will better meet the actual needs of different users.

Under the general trend of saving costs, improving construction precision, and improving product manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing products with 3D printing will pay more attention to factors such as materials, personnel, and equipment. With the constant maturity of 3D printing technology, much technical stuff such as bearings, valves, pipe fittings, shock absorbers, the crushing machine will be completed by 3D printing, and the quality of these products will be effectively guaranteed.

As the pace of the 3D printing business continues to accelerate, some problems are gradually emerging. In addition to the lack of understanding and application of 3D printing in the consumer market, the cost and maintenance costs of industrial 3D printing equipment are prohibitive for many SMEs. At the same time, although 3D printing can realize the manufacture of complex objects, the printed objects need to be assembled, materials cannot be repaired, and objects cannot be adaptively deformed. These also hinder the value of 3D printing technology.

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