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The impact of the epidemic is far from being as high as the impact of the economic form. At the same time

Although many countries have implemented unprecedented "cities and vassals" due to the new crown epidemic, and the world economy is facing warnings of regression, the U.S. authorities are still playing with tariff tools with their national priorities. The epidemic crisis has accelerated its decoupling from China. In other words, until now, the elites in Washington haven't woken up and didn't realize how significant an impact this would have on the United States and the world. What the United States needs to do is reinvigorate rule-oriented international institutions and develop health, environment, trade, and security rules. Reform and revive, listen to wise advice on the situation and health care and provide more inclusive policy options. Otherwise, as former Assistant Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific Affairs Campbell of the U.S. Department of State and senior researcher Dorsey of the China Center at Yale University said in an article entitled "Fighting New Crown Virus May Reshape the Global Order" if the Suez Canal Crisis was exposed in 1956, The helplessness of the British Empire and its disqualification as a superpower, this time the epidemic may become the "Suez Canal Moment" in the United States.
The EU is too insistent on the so-called rules-based political system, emphasizing the need to comply with specific "uniform rules", but it has also begun to change, focusing on adapting the rules to the realistic requirements of handling particular events. Loosening the constraints of the Stability and Growth Pact, relaxing the standard specifications for state aid, etc., all herald changes in the EU in this regard. The EU's relaxation of member states' compliance with the requirements of the EU's unified rules means that the EU has taken an essential step from the clubs operating mechanically based on regulations to the integration of the community of the value.
Some argue that the new crown epidemic will reduce global supply chains' dependence on China. But in fact, the global supply chain has been frustrated in the short term, but it has not reversed the direction of globalization. Media such as the British "Financial Times", when talking about this influence, acknowledged that no economy could easily replace China. It is also impossible for companies in Europe, the United States and other countries to "decouple" from China.
Capitalism focuses on the logic of capital and neglects the philosophy of people, especially the free-market capitalist model derived from the Anglo-Saxon tradition. But long before the epidemic, the western world has begun to reflect on capitalism. During the fight against the epidemic, China took advantage of its system to win the anti-epidemic people's war, general war, and obstruction war, highlighting its institutional strengths and making some western countries more conscious People have begun to reflect on how stubbornly ideologically dividing the system, the government, and even the pros and cons of the country as a whole are no longer in line with reality.
China has gradually controlled the epidemic situation and dispatched medical experts, aids, testing agents, masks and other scarce supplies to other countries promptly, and has shared the experience of the epidemic with the world. The impact of the outbreak on China's economy and society is temporary, and it is still forcing and promoting digital development in various fields in China: digital healthcare, education, office and digital transactions, logistics and even entertainment are becoming commonplace. The epidemic is also boosting the informatization transformation of China's manufacturing industry, accelerating the innovation and application of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G technology, and biomedicine, further improving China's position in the global value chain and the reconstruction of the global value chain. The right to speak. This confirms the sentence, "Everything that cannot defeat us will make us stronger."
The epidemic has spawned a new global transformation, and the logic of victory for all humanity has surpassed the logic of a single win for a country. If this epidemic could allow more states to recognize this logic and set aside any disordered path in the past, it would be more destructive than the international financial crisis in 2008. Still, the geopolitical impact after the epidemic may be higher than that. Be more active after the disaster.
The epidemic has made the global interconnection closer, and it is necessary to strengthen new technology exchanges and cooperation to achieve a breakthrough at the current level. Foam concrete belongs to a tiny branch of the construction industry. It is very digable. There are many projects in various countries that can be developed using foam concrete technology, such as multiple handicraft crafts, folk town development, assembly buildings, 3D printed structures can be well combined with lightweight foam concrete. Tongrun company focuses on the research and development of cellular lightweight concrete admixtures and technical solutions. If you need, you can send email to From significant impacts such as anti-epidemic cooperation to lightweight blocks manufacturing process. These can learn from the collaboration and make breakthroughs. Global interconnection is by no means simple.
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