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The vapor silica has high surface activity

In hydrolyzed condensation of vapour silica at high temperature, there is still some silica hydroxyl (Si-OH) residues on the surface. The silica hydroxyl group makes the surface of vapour silica have strong polarity and high surface activity. There are "siloxy group" and "silicon hydroxyl group" on the surface of the vapour phase silicon dioxide, in which the silicon hydroxyl group has high activity, can form hydrogen bonds, or react with other groups, which also ensures that the silicon dioxide particles can create a stable network, and at the same time has good interaction with other media so that the silicon dioxide presents a good strengthening and toughening; Thickening thixotropic and anti-settlement properties. In addition, a silica hydroxyl group also allows the surface modification of vapour silica. Surface modifiers with different structures are selected to react with the silica hydroxyl group. Some functional groups are grafted to the vapour silica surface, thus diversifying the functions of vapour silica. Gaseous silica's "primary particle size" is 7-40nm. What is this concept? We can understand this by comparing the data in the table below. If we were to enlarge a particle of gaseous silica to the size of a standard football, we would need to enlarge it by about 30 million times; If a football were scaled up 30 million times or so, it would be about the size of Mars. Due to the small particle size of vapour silica, its specific surface area is enormous. Usually, the particular surface of vapour silica is 100-400m2/g. Usually, the indoor area of a 150m2 house is about 120m2. Even if the lowest specific surface area of gaseous silica products (such as HL-150) commonly used in the market is less than 1g, the specific surface area can cover the entire indoor area of the house! However, for products with a high specific surface area (such as HL-380), the specific surface area of only 18.8g products is equivalent to the area of a standard football field! Because of the characteristics of small particle size and large specific surface area, the vapour phase silica has good adsorption performance. It can be widely used in catalysts, food, medicine, thermal insulation materials and other fields, playing the function of adsorption, anti-caking, heat insulation and so on. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Fumed silica, or if you require the latest price of Fumed silica, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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