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Titanium Diboride Powder – Characteristics and Preparation |

Among numerous compounds, steel borides have much better high temperature performance than metal carbides. For instance, titanium diboride (TiB2) cermet items are much more appropriate than titanium carbide (TiC) and tungsten carbide (WC) cermet items to be used under high temperature level and also high corrosive working conditions.

The features of titanium diboride as architectural products and also practical products:

1. In terms of architectural materials. The high stamina and also firmness of titanium boride make it feasible to make devices, wire-drawing movies, sandblasting nozzles as well as difficult device products. At the same time, it can likewise be an additive to composite products.

2. Functional materials. The resistivity of titanium boride is very comparable to that of pure iron, so its application in functional materials is very useful. Through the electric buildings of titanium boride, it can be made into versatile PTC products.

The current methods for preparing titanium diboride basic materials generally include carbothermal reduction technique, self-propagating heat as well as synthesis technique, mechanochemical reaction technique, vapor deposition method, sphere milling approach and so on.

Carbothermic reduction approach
Making use of titanium and boron oxides as basic materials, carbon black as minimizing representative, long-term high-temperature carbon reduction treatment in a carbon tube heating system, the pureness of the manufactured titanium diboride powder depends on the pureness of the raw material powder. This method is a process that is regularly used in commercial manufacturing. The drawback is that the acquired titanium diboride powder has a big fragment dimension and also a high contamination material.

Self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS)
This method is typically to press the raw material blend to be responded into a block, and then stir up one end of the block to ignite the response. The substantial heat launched by the response creates the adjacent products to react, and ultimately a burning wave spreading at a speed v is created. Ultimately, as the combustion wave advancements, the raw product combination is transformed right into the final item. As a result of the self-purification effect of the self-propagating high-temperature synthesis process, the product purity is high, so the gotten powder is simple to be further sintered, as well as the exterior energy usage is low. If integrated with other unique technical means, dense titanium diboride can be directly ready Product.

Mechanochemical Response Technique (MR)
In this technique, the reactant powder is placed in a high-energy round mill, and also the powder is repeatedly deformed to broken under the action of the pressing and also shearing of the grinding round. The violent rubbing as well as crash of the round milling medium causes the mechanical power to be transformed into chemical energy, thus synthesizing the needed reactants. Compared to the very first 2 techniques to prepare titanium diboride, the mechanochemical response approach has the benefits of reduced synthesis temperature level, vast source of resources as well as low expense.

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