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Tungsten Oxide Insulation Material Can Make The Sun Room Cool in Winter and Cool in Summer?

How do you define it?

tungsten oxide

Tungsten dioxide has the molecular formula of W3 and a weight of 2318.55.

It’s a form of tungstic acidide. The tungsten oxide is tungsten dioxide as well as tungsten trioxide. However, there are no industrial-produced tungsten products. Based on the amount of tungsten dioxide, the tungsten oxide salt can be divided into sodium tungstate (tungstic acid), calcium tungstate (calcium tungstate), ammonium paratungstate (ammonium metatungstate) and other similar categories.

Tungsten trioxide, a pale yellow powder crystal of triclinic tungsten is also known as tungsten. If the temperature exceeds 740°C, it transforms into an orange-colored tetragonal crystal. It then returns to its initial state after cooling. Stable in air; melting point is 1473°C, boiling point higher than 1750°C, and relative density 7.16.

Tungsten dioxide is one of the more stable tungsten compounds. It cannot be dissolved in water or inorganic compounds other than hydrofluoric. You can dissolve it in hot sodium hydroxide solution or ammonia to make soluble, tungstate. It can be reduced to 650°C by adding H2 or C at 1000-1100°C in order to make tungsten-powder.

The application of tungsten dioxide transparent insulation material

Smart home is a way to make your home more efficient, safe and convenient. This home can also be energy-savings and eco-friendly, making our lives more artistic. The smart sun room is sure to appear. So-called intelligence can break down the sunroom in summer and winter as a “firestove” or “refrigerator”. This is done by transparent semiconductor materials like tungsten oxide transparent insulation material. They can keep the sun room warm in winter and cool during summer. I believe it’s not necessary to put air conditioner and heating equipment in the sun room. It’s the best method to get rid of heat from the roots.

This concept of smart home has penetrated our consciousness and is now widely used in real life. Unfortunately, this author is not capable of living an intelligent life. As a consequence, the home scene was reconstructed. The author left every day, but when the result came back halfway, he suddenly remembered: did I lock my door? Are you sure the air conditioner is on? This day will be difficult if you do not go back to confirm. Go back, and don’t be late to work. You can switch to smart home mode. —-Close the door and lock it. Then, switch to the smart home scenario. It is simple and easy to feel relaxed when using smart home.

The smart sun room can also be used in a similar way. Sunrooms can now be made with Low-e glass. Researches conducted studies on glass that had been coated with nano-tungsten dioxide coating, low-e glass, glass with heat insulation film and single-sided glasses to determine the ultraviolet blocking rate. The infrared blocking rates of glass coated with tungsten dioxide nano-coating are 91%, 91% for ultraviolet and 91% respectively. 2. Low-e glass’s infrared blocking rates are 62.8%, and UV blocking rates 56% 3. Infrared blocking rates for glass with heat insulation film are 59% and 99.7% respectively. 4. Hollow tempered glass has an infrared blocking ratio of 34.2%, and the ultraviolet blocking rate at 23.5%. 5. A single-sided window has an infrared blocking ratio of 12.4%, and an ultraviolet blocking rate of 13.5%.

The above data shows that single-sided single-sided infrared glass has the highest effect for blocking UV rays. However, it is possible to block them with single-sided single-sided single-sided with thermal insulation film or with nanotungsten oxide. One-sided coated glass Industry insiders say that because UV light has a anti-bactericidal effect and ordinary people have to take photographs of the sun it’s not healthy to use a high UV blocking percentage. The sun’s energy is vital for any life form on Earth. It is well-known that it provides the necessary energy. While infrared rays of sunlight and UV rays are both good for the body, the actual amount is very low. The scientifically most important permeability ratio, at about 10% is generally accepted. Nano-tungsten dioxide coated insulating glasses is best for health and energy conservation.

This means that tungsten dioxide transparent insulation material and tungsten oxide are two issues that must be addressed urgently in order for energy-saving glass to be built. A high transparency level means high visible light transmittance, and that the glass meets all lighting requirements. The near-infrared bands have a high barrier. This block the solar radiant energy and allows for energy savings.

Furthermore, because it is a water-based heat insulation material that’s environmentally friendly, it doesn’t require any painting. The transparent tungsten oxide heat insulating fabric can have the effects of both warm winter and cool summer without the need to open the air conditioner. It is safe and will not break if broken. This type of insulation also has privacy protection, stain resistance as well as anti-aging, privacy protection. . These insulation materials include tungsten, ATO or ITO as well as FTO.

Tungsten oxide insulation does not represent “black technology”, it is an innovation in scientific and technical development. This author thinks that transparent insulation materials like tungsten oxide will be given more attention in light of today’s efforts to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

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