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Types of Copper Oxide II

Copper Oxide: It is also called cupric oxide (CuO), which exists in nature as a black or gray mineral called tenorite. It exists in black solid form, melting temperature higher than 1200 °C. Copper (II) oxide is insoluble mainly in solvents but can react with acids to form copper salts. Like cuprous oxide, copper (II) oxide can be manufactured by heating elemental (metallic) Copper but at lower temperatures. This production method generates an impure form of the oxide; however, there are alternative ways of obtaining it, for example, by heating some oxygen-containing copper compounds such as carbonate, hydroxide, or nitrate. Another use that has been given to Copper (II) oxide is to administer it orally in the form of needles or capsules of copper oxide wire to sheep and goats to control the gastrointestinal worms of cattle. Currently, CuO nanoparticles have a great interest due to their novel properties and their vast potential for catalytic, photocatalytic, and energy applications (such as their use in solar cells and electrodes for batteries), electronic (for use in gas sensors), and environmental (antimicrobial materials). For all this range of applications, it is of great importance to obtain powders made of high quality and ultra-fine nanoparticles, with specific characteristics required in terms of size, morphology, microstructure, purity, etc., since the set of all these characteristics determine the performance of the final products. Some methods for preparing CuO nanoparticles have been reported, such as the rapid precipitation method, mechanical grinding of commercial powders, the sonochemical method, the solid-state reaction method of a single step at room temperature, an ultrasonic-assisted pyrolytic spray method, etc. Among the different synthesis techniques developed in recent years, the rapid precipitation method of CuO nanoparticles has great potential because it is simple, economical, safe, and efficient. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective copper oxide, or if you require the latest price of copper oxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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