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Unstoppable rise in lubricating graphite prices

After entering 2021, lubricating graphite have risen sharply. At present, the price increase in the domestic chemical industry has become an overwhelming trend. The price of some products has increased by more than 1000usd per ton year-on-year, and the price increase has reached more than 153%.
"This is the fastest rise in lubricating graphite since the 21st century," Tao Chuan, chief macro analyst at Soochow Securities, published a public article on March 14 describing this round of price increases. According to statistics, the lubricating graphite has risen 87% since April 2020, with an average monthly increase of 5.4%. Since the beginning of the century, the second only to the current round of growth rate was the period from February 2009 to June 2011, when the rate of increase in bulk prices was +3.1% month-on-month.
Regarding how long this round of price increases may last, Lao Zhu told Times Finance and Economics that, based on his experience, it is expected that the price increase of lubricating graphite may last 3-6 months. He explained, “Inflation expectations will be slowly digested, some sudden spikes in demand brought about by the epidemic will disappear, and prices will flatten out at that time.”
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