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Various types of uses of iron oxide

Iron oxide red – Purpose: Paint industry: Anti-rust paint pigment and iron red, purple-brown colouring pigment, used for colouring internal and external wall coatings. Construction industry: colouring of artificial marble, ground terrazzo, coloured glaze, ceramics, coloured bricks, coloured tiles, and coloured cement products. Plastic industry: colourants for polyolefins, nylon, polystyrene, and epoxy resins. Other applications: colours and fillers for artificial leather, shoe polish, and rubber. Iron oxide yellow – Usage: Suitable as a colourant for coloured tiles, terrazzo, terracotta bricks, sidewalk bricks, and other building materials. It can also be used in advertising, coatings, woodwork, rubber, and plastics. Iron oxide green – use: widely used for colouring in the construction industry, building materials, paints, plastics, etc. Paint formula reference pigment content: primer 25-30%; Mixed paint 20-30%; Enamel 15-25% (excluding physical pigments). Waterborne coating: Prepare in moderation according to different colours. The product has good dispersibility, stable storage, and good compatibility with other components in the application system, which can enhance the rust and UV resistance of the paint; Paint formula reference pigment content: primer 25-30%; Mixed paint 20-30%; Enamel 15-25% (excluding physical pigments) water-based coating: appropriate amount to be prepared according to different colours. Iron oxide blue – use: mainly used for colouring artificial marble, ground terrazzo, flower step bricks, sidewalk bricks, and other building materials. This iron oxide series product is evenly mixed with cement by 3-5%, and the effect is good. Properties of iron oxide: Stability: Stability is soluble in hydrochloric acid and dilutes sulfuric acid to form iron salts. The iron element generates ferrous ions in a single displacement reaction. Storage and transportation conditions: Store in a dry place. Avoid moisture. Avoid high temperatures. Isolate from acids and alkalis. According to the above storage conditions, the effective storage period of products that have yet to be unpacked is three years. Solubility: It is difficult to dissolve in water and does not react with water. Dissolve in acids and react with them. Does not react with NaOH—oxidative ness: reduced by CO, Al, C, Si, etc., at high temperatures.

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