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What are the practical effects of water-based stearic acid?

What is water-based zinc stearate?
The aqueous emulsion of zinc stearate is called aqueous water-based zinc stearate. It has a wide range of applications and can be used as a release agent, color retention agent, lubricant, release agent, etc. Water-based zinc stearate has a wide range of applications, including rubber, plastics, coatings, inks, paints, thermal paper, cosmetics and other industries.

Uses of water-based zinc stearate products
1. In the rubber industry: release agent, release agent, active agent, etc.
2. In the plastics industry: internal release agent
3. In the coating industry: color retention agent, filler, etc.
4. In the paint industry: grinding aids
5. In the cosmetics industry: lubricants
6. In the coating industry: there is also the sandpaper industry and so on.

What can water-based zinc stearate provide in the system?
1.Better sanding performance.
2.Better anti-blocking performance.
3.Better extinction performance.

Why is it so difficult to prepare water-based zinc stearate slurry?
1.Water-based zinc stearate is extremely incompatible .
2. Floating tenaciously on the surface of the water.
3.Very low polarity.
4. Unstable storage.

Specific application of water-based stearic acid
Widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, plastic cold-resistant plasticizers, mold release agents, stabilizers, surfactants, rubber vulcanization accelerators, water-repellent agents, polishing agents, metal soaps, metal mineral flotation agents, softeners, pharmaceuticals and others Organic chemicals.
Used as a solvent for oil-soluble pigments, crayon slip agent, wax paper polish, and emulsifier for glyceryl stearate. In the food industry, it is used as a lubricant, defoamer and water-based stearic acid. It is also the main raw material for manufacturing almond honey and milk. Water-based stearic acid is widely used in the manufacture of PVC plastic pipes, plates, profiles, and films. It is a PVC heat stabilizer with good lubricity and good light and heat stability.
In PVC plastic pipes, stearic acid helps prevent "scorching" during processing. Adding to PVC film processing is an effective heat stabilizer, and it can also prevent the discoloration of the finished film caused by contact with sulfides. Water-based stearic acid plays an important role in the synthesis and processing of rubber. It is a vulcanization activator widely used in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex, and can also be used as a plasticizer and softener.
Used as an emulsifier in rubber processing in production synthesis, as a foaming agent in foam rubber manufacturing, and also as a foaming agent. Release agent for rubber products. Water-based stearic acid is used for emulsification in two skin care products, snow white cream and cold cream, making it a stable white cream. Stearic acid soap ester is more widely used in cosmetics industry. Water-based stearic acid is used to modify series of powdered products such as nano-silica, nano-calcium carbonate, and light calcium carbonate.

The price of water-based stearic acid? 
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