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What is a DC fast charge?

What is a DC fast charge?
The electric vehicle DC fast charger can make the electric vehicle battery reach or close to a fully charged state within 1 to 5 hours, while the normal charging of the battery takes about 10 to 20 hours. How to quickly charge the battery without compromising the performance and life of the battery It is a hot research topic that people pay attention to.
How does the DC fast charger for electric vehicles work?
The electric vehicle DC fast charger integrates functional modules such as a human-computer interaction system, a charging management system, and local and remote communication interfaces to facilitate its use and management.
Electric vehicle DC fast charging companies directly provide DC power to the battery, so the charging speed is greatly improved. The charging time depends on the battery size and the output of the distributor and other factors. Most available DC fast chargers can take about or less than an hour. 80% of the power is obtained within the same period of time.
How fast is fast charging?
The charging time is mainly affected by the following factors:
1. Battery capacity-the larger the capacity, the longer the charging time
2. Charging pile power supply
The DC charging station can load current under the on-board DC charging port. The higher the power of the charging pile, the greater the maximum current and the shorter the charging time.
3. How far can you run in one hour of charging?
The battery capacity and wear of an electric vehicle determine how far the car can run. The charging pile only affects the charging time, which is actually different for each vehicle. It is charged by a 30kW DC pile, which can charge 24 degrees an hour, and has a battery life of 168 kilometers.
Features of DC fast charger circuit
1. After the output voltage is set, if the plate of the rechargeable battery falls off and disconnects, causing a group of batteries to be blocked or short-circuited, the battery terminal voltage will drop or become zero, and the charger will have an output current. If the voltage of the rechargeable battery deviates from the set voltage, the charger has no output current. The output voltage is lower than the battery voltage, so the battery cannot be charged.
2. If the two output terminals of the charger are short-circuited, the thyristor trigger circuit in the charger cannot work, so the thyristor does not conduct and the output current is zero.
3. If the battery's positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly during use, the thyristor trigger circuit will be cut off in the reverse direction. If there is no trigger signal, the thyristor will not conduct and the output current will be zero.
4. Use pulse charging to extend battery life. Since the low-voltage AC is a pulsating DC after full-wave rectification, the thyristor will only turn on when its peak voltage is greater than the battery voltage, and when the pulsating DC voltage is in the valley, the thyristor will turn on, reverse bias and stop to stop. battery. Charging, so pulsating DC current flows through the battery.
5. Fast charging, automatic stop when fully charged. Since the voltage at both ends of the battery is low at the beginning of charging, the charging current is relatively large. When the battery is about to be fully charged, as the charging voltage gets closer and closer to the peak value of the pulsating DC output voltage, the charging current will become smaller and smaller, and it will automatically become trickle charging. When the voltage across the battery is charged to the peak value of the rectified output, the charging process stops.
6. The circuit is simple, easy to make, almost no maintenance and repair.
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