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What is a hollow glass sphere?

What is a hollow glass sphere?

Hollow Glass Microspheres (HGMS) is near perfect spherical bubbles made of thin-walled glass, approximately 50 microns, with a very low density between 0.1 and 0.4 g/cm3. The glass type is amorphous and can be of low or high purity.

Hollow glass microspheres are specially processed glass microbeads whose main characteristic is a lower density and poorer thermal conductivity than glass microbeads. It is a micron-level new lightweight material developed in the 1950s and 1960s, whose main component is borosilicate, with a general particle size of 10~250μm and a wall thickness of 1-2μm; hollow glass microspheres have high compressive strength, high melting point, high resistivity, small thermal conductivity and thermal contraction coefficient, etc. It is known as the "space age material" of the 21st century. It is known as the "space age material" in the 21st century.

hollow glass sphere

Hollow glass beads have the obvious effect of weight reduction and sound insulation and heat preservation and make the products have good anti-cracking performance and reprocessing performance, which are widely used in engineering plastics, anti-corrosion and heat preservation materials, rubber, buoyancy materials, FRP, artificial marble, artificial agate, substitute wood and other composite materials, as well as petroleum industry, aerospace, 5G communication, new high-speed trains, automobile ships, thermal insulation coatings, adhesives and other fields. 

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