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What is aluminum powder

As nano-aluminum powder (NAP) can improve the detonation performance of aluminum-containing explosives, more and more explosives with NAP as the metal ingredient have been studied. It is believed that the added nano-sized aluminum powder can significantly enhance the mechanical sensitivity of explosives. However, the mechanism for the enhancement has not been clarified. To illuminate the effects of NAP on the mechanical sensitivity of explosives, two RDX-based aluminum-containing explosives with the same weight ratio and preparation process were investigated despite the aluminum powders with different nano-size and micron-size. The two explosives' morphology and surface atomic ratio were examined by scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive spectroscopy tests. Material Studio software calculated the contact angle and other microstructures properties of the explosives. Results revealed that the aluminum particle sizes and explosive components determined the impact and friction activity. This paper clarified the mechanism for the increase in explosives sensitivity by adding NAP, which provides a reference for the scientific and technical design of novel explosives. For aluminized explosives, the aluminum powder can release a large amount of reaction heat in the secondary reaction following the detonation wave, which increases the detonation heat and specific volume of the explosive during detonation and also enables the explosive to have a higher work capacity. That is why it is called high-power or high explosive and has become one of the main research categories in the explosives field. In the study of the mechanism of the detonation reaction between aluminum powders and explosives, the secondary reaction theory of aluminum-containing explosives is proposed: the Al powder in the formulation does not participate in the reaction on the wavefront during the detonation. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective aluminum powder, or if you require the latest price of aluminum powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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