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What is Cementite?

Cementite or iron carbide is a compound of iron as well as carbon, or more properly, an intermediate change steel carbide with the molecular formula Fe3C. By weight, it is 6.67% carbon and also 93.3% iron.
It is a gray-white crystalline powder with a loved one density of 7.694. Insoluble in cool, hot water and weaken acid, soluble in warm concentrated hydrochloric acid to create mixes of hydrogen, methane, ethane, ethylene as well as various other more intricate hydrocarbons and also complimentary carbon. Does not react with completely dry air. Oxidize in moist air to develop iron oxide as well as carbon. It has orthorhombic crystal framework. It is a tough as well as fragile material, which is normally classified as ceramic in its pure kind, and also is a typical as well as important component in black metallurgy.

What is Fe3C called?
Fe3C (iron carbide) is additionally called cementite.

Just how is cementite created?
Key cementite:
In the process of stability crystallization of iron-carbon alloy, the cementite sped up when the fluid alloy of hypereutectic alloy (hypereutectic white cast iron) is cooled down listed below the liquidus is called key cementite.

Eutectic cementite:
In the ledeburite structure, the point strip cementite is evenly dispersed on the austenite matrix, and this cementite is called eutectic cementite.

Pre-eutectoid stage and cementite:
For alloys with hypoeutectoid and hypereutectoid make-up, with the reduction of temperature level, a stage creating the item of eutectoid improvement is always precipitated with the reduction of temperature, and the initial precipitated stage is called proeutectoid stage, such as proeutectoid ferrite in hypoeutectoid steel and also proeutectoid cementite in hypereutectoid steel. As a result of the various creating problems, the morphology of proeutectoid stage can be divided into 3 kinds: block, reticulate as well as Widmanstatten structure.

Eutectoid cementite:
The cementite in pearlite is called eutectoid cementite.

Secondary cementite:
In the process of equilibrium crystallization of iron-carbon alloy, when the alloys with greater than eutectoid make-up (hypereutectoid steel, hypoeutectic white actors iron, eutectic white actors iron, hypereutectic white cast iron) are slowly cooled down to a particular level, the carbon content in austenite reaches saturation, as well as the cementite will precipitate along the austenite grain limit with a network circulation in microstructure. This cementite precipitated from austenite is called second cementite.

Tertiary cementite:
When the balance cooling of industrial pure iron is listed below the strong remedy line of carbon in iron (Fe-C equilibrium layout PQ line), the solubility of carbon in ferrite reaches saturation, as well as the temperature reduces again, as well as the tertiary cementite will precipitate from ferrite. The tertiary cementite speeds up from the ferrite grain boundary as well as usually disperses periodically along the ferrite grain boundary due to its little quantity.

Free cementite:
It describes those that exist as an independent stage outside the mechanical combination (framework) such as pearlite (eutectoid framework) or ledeburite (eutectic structure), such as pre-eutectoid cementite, key cementite and so on.

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