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What is Fe3O4

Iron oxide (Fe3O4) powder is the pure powder form of the corresponding nanocrystals without solvents. However, the well-passivated surface with organic ligands prevents the nanoparticles from aggregating. The magnetic iron oxide nanocrystals from NN-Labs take advantage of the strong magnetic properties of iron oxide and incorporate them into nano-scale materials. The iron oxide nanoparticles in powder form demonstrate excellent size distribution characteristics, which allow for their use in high-level applications where strict control over the nanocrystals' properties and characteristics is necessary. These high-quality iron oxide nanocrystals display exceptional magnetic properties, nearing those of pure/bulk iron oxide, and the magnetic nanoparticle powder can be biofunctionalized for numerous applications. Fine particles could adopt a single-domain magnetic structure when their size falls below a critical value. In the case of these particles, the magnetic property and their response to an external magnetic field are defined and determined by their thermal energy and magnetic anisotropy energy barrier resulting in a superparamagnetic property at specific and characteristic temperatures called blocking temperature. Iron oxide is classified among the particles and materials with super magnetic properties when its particle size is reduced to a desired macron and nano size. Accordingly, this class of particles has been investigated predominantly for their applications in various sectors of technology and biomedicine, and so forth 1. Iron oxide is generally an electrically conductive material whose conductivity is one million times as high as that of Fe2O3. Fe3O4 appears to adopt ferromagnetic properties at a Curie temperature of 585°C. The excellent electrical conductivity of Fe3O4 compared to Fe2O3 could be ascribed to electron exchange between the Fe2+ and Fe3+ cations. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Fe3O4, or if you require the latest price of Fe3O4, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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