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What is In718 Powder?

How do you define it?

In718 Puffer

Nickel Alloy IN718, a nickel alloy powder that is resistant to heat and corrosion, can be found in the following: This kind of precipitation-hardening nickel-chromium alloy is characterized by having good tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength at temperatures up to 700 degC (1290 degF). Nickel Alloy INCONEL Alloy 718 is a corrosion-resistant nickel-chromium metal that has a high strength and can be used between -423deg F to 1300degF. It is easy to fabricate complex parts from this age-hardenable alloy. These alloys are known for their outstanding weldability, particularly its resistance against post-weld cracking.

Here are some of the key features

In718 Powder

Nickel alloy IN718 is a heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant nickel alloy powder.This precipitation-hardening nickel-chromium alloy is characterized by good tensile,fatigue,creep and fracture at temperatures up to 700degC(1290degF)Strength.Nickel alloy IN alloy 718 is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant nickel-chromium material, used at -423degto1300degF.Age-hardenable alloys can be easily made,and even complex parts can be made.Its welding characteristics,especially its resistance to cracking after welding is very good.

Nickel Alloy IN718 Powder Properties

Other Titles
IN718, Inconel-718, Inconel 718 Powder


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

From gray powder to black powder

Melting Point
1370-1430 degC

Solubility In Water

8.192 g/cm3


PM Size
15-45mm, 15-53mm, 53-120mm, 53-150mm

Boling Point

Specific Heat

Thermo Conductivity
6.5 W/m*K

Thermal Expansion

Young’s Module



3D Printer Nickel Alloy IN718 Pulver

Application of In718 powder

1.Inconel IN718 is our first material for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in this Nickel Alloy.

2.In718 exhibits good fatigue resistance, tensile strength and fracture resistance. The In718 is very resistant to creep, even at 700 degC. Inconel In718 may also be heated treated.

3. Due to its extensive performance, In718 is widely applicable in a variety of applications. These include liquid fuel rockets. rings and shells. various formed sheet metal components of aircraft. land-based gas turbine engine. cryogenic storage tanks. and fastening parts.

4.In718 has excellent heat resistance,so it is very suitable for high temperature applications,including gas turbine and aerospace applications.Other applications include pumps and measuring probes in energy and process technology.

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In718 Powder

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