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What is Invar 36?

Invar 36® is an
iron-based alloy with 36 % nickel. Invar 36® also has excellent mechanical
properties and a low tendency to fatigue in a cryogenic environment. Invar 36
(Nilo, Nilvar, Permalloy D, FeNi36, and 64FeNi) is a nickel-iron alloy notable
for its extremely low thermal expansion. Invar is an alloy of iron that expands
very little when heated; it contains 64% iron and 36 percent nickel. Invar was
formerly used for absolute standards of length measurement and is now used for
surveying tapes, watches, and other temperature-sensitive devices. Invar
requires special machining processes that include stress-relieving heat
treatments for a consistent CTE in a precision machined part to ensure CTE and
dimensional stability in service. Invar material is challenging to machine due
to its high strength and hardness. It requires specialized machining techniques
and tools, which can add to the overall manufacturing costs. Invar 36® is
effective in extreme temperatures ranging from -150°C (-238°F) up to 260°C
(500°F), while Invar 42®—or SuperInvar® — maintains nearly constant dimensions
in temperatures ranging from -32°C (-25.6F) to 275°C (527°F). Invar® is used
primarily for controlled expansion and magnetic applications. It is strong,
tough, pliable, and highly resistant to corrosion. Invar® is always magnetic in
the temperature range, exhibiting low expansion characteristics. Invar 36
alloys are soft like Type 304 and Type 316 austenitic stainless steels; the
free-cut variation, particularly machines, are similar to those two stainless
grades. They all have the same high work-hardening rate, which requires care in
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