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What is the Machining Performance of GH4049 (GH49) Nickel-based Alloy

Recently, covid 19 outbreak spreads in Shanghai, China. There are more than 25,000 new asymptomatic domestic infections every day. China is implementing a dynamic zero-out policy. A leading respiratory expert said the key to COVID-19 prevention and control is to minimize transmission and fatality rate. Omicron has a low case fatality rate but is highly transmissible and can still claim many lives in large outbreaks. "Total openness is not applicable in China.  For China, we should keep to the dynamic zero-out and gradually open up."  

However, "dynamic zero clearance" is not the pursuit of complete "zero infection".  As the Novel Coronavirus has its own uniqueness and strong concealment, there may be no way to prevent the detection of cases at present, but rapid detection and prompt treatment must be carried out, as soon as one case is found, one case will be dealt with.  

The situation in Shanghai is serious. As the financial center of China, Shanghai is a very important city, and the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai will put a great impact on China's economy.  The current task is to contain the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible, to achieve social zero so that Shanghai's life and economy quickly return to normal.  

As China plays an important role in the global supply chain, the outbreak will have a significant impact on the supply and prices of many Nickel-based Alloy.

What is GH4049 (GH49) nickel base alloy?

GH4049 is a nickel-based superalloy, which is an age-hardening alloy. The
corresponding grade is GH49. Its nickel content is about 70%. After the alloy is
remelted by electroslag or vacuum arc, its processing plasticity can be
improved. GH4049 superalloy has good hot and cold working properties. The alloy
has good oxidation resistance below 1000 °C high temperature environment, high
high temperature strength below 950 °C, small notch sensitivity, good oxidation
resistance and fatigue strength. , poor single hot working plasticity

Main processing properties of GH4049 (GH49) nickel-based alloy

Compared with nickel-based alloys of the same kind, GH4049 superalloy has
poor hot working plasticity. It is suitable for making gas turbine working
blades with a working temperature of 850-950 °C. It is mainly used to make
turbine blades for aviation, naval and industrial gas turbines. ,
high-temperature components such as guide vanes, turbine disks, high-pressure
compressor disks and combustion chambers; also used in the manufacture of space
vehicles, rocket engines, nuclear reactors, petrochemical equipment, and coal
conversion and other energy conversion devices.

The nano-surface crystal layer was prepared on the surface of GH4049
nickel-based superalloy by the treatment process. The effects of different
ultrasonic shot peening intensity and shot peening time on its yield strength,
tensile strength and microhardness were analyzed. Residual stress distribution
of the specimen after nanoization. The research results show that the increase
of shot peening time has no direct relationship with the improvement of material
strength, and with the increase of shot peening time, the strength of the
material will decrease due to the damage of the material surface. After
ultrasonic shot peening, the microhardness was significantly improved compared
with that of the untreated specimen, and a compressive stress layer of about
thickness was formed on the surface of the specimen, and the large compressive
stress far exceeded the yield limit of the material.


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Southern Copper Corp (SCCO.N) recently said its Peruvian mine remained closed after a six-week standoff with protesters and blamed the Peruvian government for failing to intervene in the safety of its 1,300 workers and their families.  

The company said in a statement that a recent agreement to end protests at the Cuajone mine required the company to withdraw complaints against protest leaders because railways transporting minerals and supplies remained blocked. Production has been suspended since the end of February.  

Peru's Energy Ministry said in a separate statement that it had also reached an agreement with Southern Copper to start talks to find common ground with local communities.  

"If we shut down for a year, the government will stop receiving more than 3.1 billion soles ($830 million) in taxes and royalties, and 8,000 direct and indirect jobs will be lost. This is what we want to avoid, "Southern Copper added in the statement.

Peru has faced a wave of protests from indigenous communities, who accuse mining companies of not providing enough jobs and funding to poor local residents.  

Central bank officials said last week that protests against copper mines such as MMG's Las Bambas and Southern Copper's Cuajone were dragging down the economy.  

Peru is the world's second-largest copper producer and mining is an important source of tax revenue for the country. It is estimated that the supply and prices of the Nickel-based Alloy will be influenced by that.

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