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What is titanium hydride powder?

Titanium hydride, also known as titanium dihydride, chemical formula H2Ti.Insoluble in water.A gray-black powder resembling a metal. As one of the intermediate products of titanium smelting, it is widely used in metallurgy and other chemical industries.

Titanium Hydride TiH2 Powder CAS 7704-98-5

Titanium Hydride TiH2 powder product Features
Titanium hydride TiH2 is relatively stable in air, titanium hydride can also be used to prepare H2 and titanium
hydroxide. Titanium hydride can be obtained by reacting H2 with titanium metal directly. Above 300 °C, the
metal titanium can reversibly absorb H2, and finally forms a compound of the formula TiH2. If heated to above
1000°C, titanium hydride will be fully decomposed into titanium and H2.
The preparation
1. Titanium dioxide can be directly reacted by titanium and hydrogen, or reduced by calcium hydroxide in hydrogen.
2. Place spongy or powdered Ti in a glass tube and remove air from the tube with hydrogen. The metal is heated in a pure hydrogen stream at 350 ~ 400℃, and the product is cooled in the hydrogen stream after the excess hydrogen is introduced.
Note: Very dry and oxygen-free hydrogen must be used for hydrogenation. Both O2 and water vapor combine effectively with Ti and convert it to titanium oxide.
The titanium hydride obtained by this method accords with the chemical formula of TiH0.5 ~ TiH1.5. Compared with Ti, TiH2 has a grayer color and less stability. Heating to 800 ~ 1000℃ almost completely decomposed. So, TiH2 cannot exist alone. The solid solution composed of TiH1.8 ~ TiH1.99 is usually considered as TiH2.
It can be used as a getter in the electric vacuum process, as a hydrogen source in the manufacture of metal foam, and as a source of high purity hydrogen. It can also be used to supply titanium to alloy powder in metal-ceramic sealing and powder metallurgy.
Titanium dihydride is brittle, so it can be used to make powder titanium. It is also used in welding, where titanium dihydride is heated to break down new hydrogen and titanium, which facilitates welding and increases the strength of the weld. It can be used as a catalyst for the polymerization reaction.
Titanium hydride powder Supplier
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