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What is vanadium hydride

A vanadium aryl hydride gel was prepared by thermal decomposition and subsequent hydrogenation of tetraphenyl vanadium and evaluated for electrochemical and hydrogen storage performance. Characterization by IR, XRD, XPS, nitrogen adsorption, and TGA suggests that the material consists predominantly of a mixture of vanadium centers in oxidation states of IV bound together by bridging hydride and phenyl groups. Electrochemical properties were explored to probe the reversible oxidation state behavior and possible applications to Li batteries, with the hypothesis that the low mass of the hydride ligand may lead to superior gravimetric performance relative to heavier vanadium oxides and phosphates. The material shows reversible redox activity and has a promising peak capacity of 131 mAhg -1 at a discharge rate of 1 mAcm-2, comparable to bulk VO2 samples also tested in this study. After repeated charge-discharge cycling for 50 cycles, the material retained 36% of its capacity. The material also shows improved hydrogen storage performance relative to previously synthesized VH3-based gels, reaching a reversible gravimetric storage capacity of 5.8 wt% at 130 bar and 25 °C. Based on the measured density, this corresponds to a volumetric capacity of 79.77 kgH2 m-3, demonstrating that the 2017 US DOE system goals of 5.5 wt% and 40 kg H2 m-3 may be achievable upon containment in a Type 1 tank and coupling to a fuel cell. The effects of hydrogen in vanadium, V–5Cr, and V–5Ti have been evaluated by the change in surface and microstructure and by the aspect of fractured surfaces. Hydrogen accumulation promotes the local concentration of hydrides and assists in generating stacking faults. Under increased stress, crack propagation occurs by the successive formation of crack fronts. The perspective of using vanadium alloys as a component of the blanket of fusion reactors has motivated significant research in the last decades. The detrimental effects of hydrogen remain a main concern and have been widely documented. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective anadium hydride, or if you require the latest price of anadium hydride, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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