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Why is the nitriding melting point so high?

What does titanium nitride mean?

Titanium nitride

The powder is yellowish brown. Superfine TiN is black. TiN crystals are golden yellow. TiN has good thermal shock resistance, a Mohs toughness of 8-9, and a melting temperature of 2950. TiN has a melting point that is more than many transition metals nitrides. But, it is much denser than other metal nitrides. This material can be used to conduct electricity, such as as electrical contacts and electrodes for molten-salt electrolysis. Ti2N2 can be made into two types; Ti3N4 can be made into a yellow liquid. Titanium dinitrogen, meanwhile is a solid that’s yellow. It is dissolved in boiling water. Ammonia is released when the solution contains hot sodium hydroxide. It has similar properties to titanium dinitrogen.

Making titanium nitride

This can be done by directly reacting nitrogen and titanium at 1200. Vapor deposition can create the coating by using titanium tetrachloride (nitrogen) and hydrogen combination. Titanium dinitrogen, which is produced by heating titanium metal with nitrogen or ammonia at 9000 to 1000 degrees Celsius. Titanium Tetranitride, which is produced by heating titanium tetrachloride with ammonia at 1000°C, can be obtained.

Primary applications of titanium Nitride

The relatively stable titanium nitride, (TiN), is an alloy. It doesn’t react at high temperatures with iron, manganese, chromium and calcium. TiN does not react in an atmosphere of CO or N with alkaline and acid slag. TiN is an ideal container to investigate the interplay between molten and other elements. To make titanium nitride, TiN must be heated in a vacuum. TiN, a cashy structural material, has high melting points, hardness and chemical stability.

What role does titanium nitride coating play?

The universal PVD coating Titanium Nitride is made with 2300HV thickness. The coating is hard and durable with many applications. You can use it on most of the cutting tools as well as high-speed, steel-cutting tools.

Prices for titanium nitride

Particle size and purity in titanium nitride can affect its price. The purchase volume also has an effect on the price. Large quantities of smaller amounts will result in a lower price. Our company website has the titanium nitride price.

Provider of Titanium Nitride

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