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HPEG 2400 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Monomer

HPEG is most commonly used for the production superplasticizer products of polycarboxylic Acid.

HPEG2400 1. Scope of HPEG2400 1. HPEG is most commonly used for the manufacturing of superplasticizer polycarboxylic acid products.

1. Mix the oil directly with water until you get the right amount.

The redox initiation condition allows for the production of superplasticizer polycarboxylic acids below 60.

The product description for HPEG

HPEG 2400 is the new macromonomer of an innovative polycarboxylate supraplasticizer. This was developed by our company from the original.

Products characteristics of HPEG

1. Polycarboxylic acid is used to make superplasticizers. It has a faster water reducing and slump resistance.

2. This third monomer was introduced. It has a better function for molecular regulation.

This synthesized superplasticizer offers the following advantages: uniform molecular distribution, concrete-ability and low viscosity.

3. A higher level of unsaturation means that the superagent is more effective. It can be used in later stages to provide high water reduction rates and protection against slump.

Transport, packaging and storage of HPEG

Use 25-Kg of lined plastic bags or 200 Kg for packing.

Make sure to store it somewhere cool and well ventilated.

The storage period is 1 year

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