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High Purity Scandium Metal Sc Metal CAS 7440-20-2, 99.9%

The scandium is a silver-white metal that can be found in sponge blocks, ingots or lenses. Purity: 99.9%-99.999%

Particle Size : 100 Mesh

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Scandium Metal Sc Metal


Scandium, also known as Scandium, is a chemical with an element symbol Sc. It has an atomic number 21.

Is scandium metal?

A silvery-white metal that burns easily, reacts with water and tarnishes quickly in the air. Scandium primarily is used for research. The metal has great potential, though, because its melting point is higher and it has a lower density than aluminum. Elemental, a soft silvery-white metal transition, is mixed with other elements such as gadolinium and erbium. However, its yield is extremely small.

Why is scandium so costly?

Due to its scarcity and limited supply, scandium is among the most expensive natural elements.

Does scandium harm humans?

Scandium has a number of health effects. This can cause lung emphysema, especially when exposed long-term. When it accumulates, Scandium poses a risk to the human liver.

Scandium is used to produce special alloys for glass, light and high temperature resistance. Scandium becomes slightly yellow or pink after being oxidized in the air. It weathers easily and slowly dissolves most dilute acid. The surface of the metal tends to form a passivation layer in strong acids. This is why it will not react when a 1:1 solution of nitric (HNO3) or hydrofluoric (HF) acid is used. Is a trusted global

Scandium Metal Sc Metal

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Product Performance of Scandium Metal Sc Metal Sc Metal CAS 744-020-2 :

The scandium is a silver-white metal that can look like meat. It comes in sponge blocks, ingots or as lenses. It has a melt point of 1541°C and a boil point of 2831°C. Scandium metal can be dissolved easily in water. It also interacts well with hot waters, causing it to darken.

Scandium Metal Parameter Sc Metal Sc Metal

Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Molecular Weight Density Color
Scandium Metal 99.9%- 99.999% 100 Mesh 44.956 2.985 g/cm3 Silver White

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Scandium Metal Sc Metal


The scandium yield can reach 94%. The crude product contains 92% scandium. Ta_78% is the main impurity, and Ca 0.5%. Using this method, the tantalum crucible’s use time was increased. Purified scandium can also be obtained by distilling crude scandium that has been reduced in a tantalum-crucible of 40mm diameter and 1mm thickness. Ta can be reduced in scandium to 0.02%. Its purity is greater than 95%.


Scandium Metal Sc Metal


Scandium can be found in aluminum-scandium alloys used to make aerospace components, as well as sports equipment like bicycle frames, fishing poles, golf shafts, and baseball bats. Scandium iodide, also known as scadium iodide, is used in the production of mercury vapor lamps that are used in film and television studios to mimic sunlight.

What are the uses of scandium in the world?

Lighting industry

Scandium-sodium lamp is characterized by high luminous efficiency and good color. It also has a long life span, low power consumption, and a strong ability to break down fog. This makes it suited for square, stadium or street lighting. In the metal-insulator-semiconductor silicon photocell and solar cell, scandium is the best barrier metal.

Alloy Industrial

Scandium is widely used as an element in doping aluminum alloys. When a few thousandths scandium are added to aluminum, the new phase Al3Sc is formed. This will metamorphise the aluminum alloy, and change its structure and properties. The addition of 0.2%0.4% Sc can increase the recrystallization of the alloy by up to 200 degrees. This will improve the high-temperature properties, structural stability, weldability, and corrosion resistance.

The agent can be changed

Scandium also makes an excellent iron modifier. Scandium, in small amounts, can improve cast iron’s strength and hardness. Scandium is also used as an alloying agent in tungsten-chromium alloys at high temperatures.

Ceramic materials

The oxide of scandium plays a major role in ceramics. Tetragonal ceramic zirconia, which can be used for electrode materials in solid oxide cells, has a special property. The conductance of the electrolyte in these ceramics increases with the ambient temperature and oxygen concentration.

The catalytic chemistry

Scandium, which is often used in the chemical sector as a catalyst, can be used to produce acetic acid, dehydration of ethanol and isopropanol or deoxygenation from CO and H2 Ethylene. Pt/Al catalysts containing SC2O3 are used in the hydrogenation, purification, and refining of heavy oils in the petrochemical industries.

Nuclear power industry

A small amount of SC2O3 added to UO2 can prevent lattice transformation, volume increase, and cracks that are caused by the conversion from UO2 into U3O8.

A fuel cell

In the same way, adding 2.5%25% of scandium to nickel-base batteries will extend their service life.


In agriculture, corn seeds, beets and peas can be treated using scandium sulfate. The concentration will vary from plant to plant, but is usually 10-310-8mol/L. This has had the effect of encouraging germination. After 8-hours, the root and bud dry weights are 37% and 78 % higher than that of seedlings.

Scandium Metal Sc Metal: Storage Condition

Sc metal’s performance will be affected if it is damp. The scandium metal must be packed in vacuum and kept in a room that is cool and dry. Sc can never be exposed to the air. Scanning metals should also not be exposed to stress.

Scandium Metal Sc Metal – Packing & Shipping

It comes in double plastic bags that can be filled up with argon using a vacuum.

Scandium metal Sc metal packing:

The vacuum packaging can be 100g,500g or 1kg per bag, 25kg per barrel, or to your specifications.

Scandium metal Sc metal shipping:

Once payment has been received, goods can be sent by sea, air or express as soon possible.

Scandium Metal Properties

Alternative Names

CAS Number

Compound Formula

Molecular Mass


Melting Point

Boiling Point

2985 kg/m3

Solubility In H2O

Electrical Resistivity
61.0 microhm-cm @ 22 degC

Poisson’s Ratio

Tensile Strength

Thermal Conduction
0.158 W/cm/K 298.2 k

Thermal Expander
(25 degC) 10.2 um*m




Vickers Hardness

Young’s Module
74.4 GPa

Scandium Metal Health & Safety Information

Sign Word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety Declarations

Transport Information

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