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High Purity Silicon Aluminum Alloy Si-Al Powder

High-silicon Aluminum Alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon, aluminum and other elements. It is a material alloy that is used primarily in space technology, portable electronics and aerospace.

About Silicon-Aluminum Alloy Si Al Powder The high-silicon-aluminum alloy powder is an alloy binary composed of silicon-based and aluminum-based metals and is used as a thermal management material. High-silicon aluminum material is able to maintain excellent performance and has a high content of aluminum and silicon. Silicon powder can be prepared with a mature technology at a low price. The material is non-toxic to humans and the environment. What is the purpose of adding silicon to aluminum?

Addition of silicon to aluminum results in a more fluid metal alloy, without the metal breaking down at high temperature. The silicon lowers the melting point of aluminum. As there is no brittleness, the aluminum will not suffer from hot tearing.

The density of aluminum alloy with high silicon content is between 2.42.7g/cm3 and the coefficient thermal expansion (CTE), is between 7-20ppm/. By increasing the silicon percentage, the density of the material and its thermal expansion coefficient will be significantly reduced. High-silicon Aluminum Alloy has a wide range of applications, including aerospace, space technologies, portable electronic devices, and many other high-tech industries. is a global Silicon Al Alloy Powder supplier. Please feel free to contact us at any time for the latest Silicon Aluminum Alloy price.

What is Silicon Aluminum Alloy Si Al powder ?

Preparation of silicon and aluminium alloy

(1) no pressure infiltration method

To prepare composite materials, melt the aluminum alloy into the prefabricated silicon particle parts.

(2) Pressure infiltration method

Applying an external force causes liquid aluminum to penetrate into the preforms of silicon powder. This will promote penetration, wetting, recombination and the recombination and the liquid aluminum. The normal procedure is to first prepare the silicon particles and then cast permeable materials.

(3) vacuum hot pressing method

Pressure forming and pressure silting are carried out simultaneously in vacuum conditions.

(4) Method of powder metallurgy

The method for making a specific proportion of silicon powder, aluminum powder, and binder using dry pressing or injection methods and other methods in order to create powder mixing molding and sintering under a protective environment to obtain a dense product;

(5) Rapid solidification method

Also called rapid solidification. The solidification rate and solidification degree can be increased to refine the microstructure.

Application for Silicon Aluminum Alloy Powder Si-Al:

1) High-power IC packaging: aluminum alloy with high silicon content provides efficient heat dissipation.

2) Carrier : It can act as a localized heat sink, allowing the components to be arranged more closely.

3) Optical Frame: Aluminum alloy high-silicon provides low thermal coefficient, high rigidity, and machinability.

Heat sink parts – high silicon aluminium alloy for effective heat dissipation.

Silicon Aluminum Alloy Si Al powder in automotive parts

This high-silicon aluminum alloy (with a silica content of 20-35%) has excellent tribological characteristics and can be widely used as a lightweight, wear-resistant advanced material for various transportation vehicles, machines, tools, fasteners, and tools.

High-silicon aluminium alloys have a number of advantages including small specific weights, lightness, good thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion coefficients, volume stability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. They are widely used for cylinder sleeves, brake discs, pistons and rotors in automobile engines.

Storage condition of Silicon Aluminium Alloy Powder Si-Al:

Si-Al powder will not perform well if it is exposed to dampness. Therefore, you should store the silicon aluminum powder in a dry and cool room. It is also important to avoid putting the silicon alloy powder under pressure.

Packing & Shipping Silicon Aluminium Alloy Powder Si-Al Powder :

The packing we use depends on the amount of Si-Al alloy powder.

Silicon Aluminum Alloy Si-Al Powder Packing: Vacuum packing, 100g/bag, 500g/bag, or 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel.

Once payment has been received, the powder can be shipped by air, sea, or express.

Silicon Alumium Alloy Powder Properties

Alternative Names
AlSi, SiAl, Si:Al, silicon aluminum, Si-Al Powder

CAS Number

Compound Formula

Molecular Mass

Gray to Black Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

2.7 g/cm3

Solubility In H2O

Monoisotopic Mash
54.958 g/mol

Safety & Health Information on Silicon Alumium Alloy Poudre

Sign Word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes
Safety Statements N/A

Transport Information
NONH for All Transport Modes

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