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High Purity Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu Powder CAS 7440-50-8, 99%

Copper nanoparticles can be described as purple-brown to purple-black in color. These are used in microelectronic device production and for manufacturing terminals for multilayer ceramic caps.
Purity: 99%

Particle Sizes: 80-100nm


Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu Powder



This is made from nanomaterials that have superplastic ductility. It is pure material. Many strange properties can be found in articles made from nanomaterials.


Superplastic, such as ethylene, can be stretched up to 50 times at ambient temperature, without cracking, according to researchers from the French National Center for Scientific Research. French researchers discovered this from the French National Center for Scientific Research.

copper nanocrystals

They have remarkable mechanical properties, with an average volume only 80 nanometers. Not only is their strength three times greater than the ordinary copper but they also have amazing mechanical properties. The deformation is uniform and does not show any signs of regional narrowing. It is the first time that scientists have seen such elastoplastic behavior. This study reveals the mechanical properties of

copper nanocrystals

Opportunities for manufacturing elastic materials at ambient temperature offer bright futures


Copper has a bactericidal property.

Cu and water, in an aerobic biochemical reaction, generate hydroxyl radical (OH) and reactive oxygenions ions (O2-). They have a strong REDOX impact, and can disrupt the growth of microorganisms. It is the specific area that makes up the surface of

Nanometer copper

It is much more probable that chemical reactions and increases will occur.


Heavy metals are known to have anti-bacterial properties. The human body can be toxic to heavy metals. A certain amount of these will cause health problems and possibly even poisoning. (Silver is neurotoxic and has genetic toxicity.


One of the most essential trace elements found in the human physique, silver can be metabolized in the body. However, it is not easy to absorb and will remain in the body. The use of nanometer-sized silver as an antibiotic agent in Europe and America has been stopped.

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Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu Powder


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Product performance of copper nanoparticles Nano Cu Pul Powder

The excellent conductivity of copper is a major advantage. The copper nanoparticles, once they are made, no longer possess conductive properties. They have other outstanding performance such as catalysis and antibacterial.

Technical Parameter Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu powder:

Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Bulk Density SSA The color of the sky
Copper Nanoparticles Cu 99% 80-100nm 8.92 g/cm3 1.5 m2/g Black

It is simple.

Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu Powder


You can make copper nanoparticles in many different ways. Most people think that electrodeposition is the easiest and best way to make copper nanoparticles. An acidified aqueous solution containing copper sulfate and a special additive is used as the electrolyte.

The cathode’s surface is covered with copper particles when the DC voltage input changes at a constant current. This was characterized by XRD (UV-Vis) and UVVis. It was characterised by transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy.

Copper nanoparticles can be dispersed and used in a manner that is not affected by dampened aggregation. It is important to keep the material in an enclosed area with a vacuum. It shouldn’t be in direct contact with air or under pressure.


Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu Powder


You can use nanocopper to make thermal hydrogen, gel propellants, catalysts, cell activants, gel propellants, combustion active agents, and water cleaning adsorbents, evaporating active agent, or antibacterial agent.

Nanometer copper for conductive coating:

To produce microelectronic components, the copper nanoparticles may be used as electronic components. Copper nanoparticles is a type of material with high thermal conductivity.

Ideal lubricant additive:

Lubricating oil and grease are enriched with 0.10.6% copper powder.

Copper nanoparticles can form self-lubricating or self-repairing coatings on friction surfaces, which decreases copper’s wear resistance. Nanometer copper lubrication additive; Nano copper sintering additive.

Further medical material:

Material used to make the capacitor.

Bulk Nanomaterials

Powder metallurgy of copper nanomaterials can be made from inert gas.

The catalyst is nano-copper

Highly selective, nano-copper and other copper alloys can be used for catalysts in some reactions like carbon dioxide and hydrogen being combined to make methanol.

Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu powder Storage:

Weakened copper nanoparticles will suffer from damp reunion. The nano Cu powder must be vacuum packed and kept in cool dry rooms. Additionally, Cu Nanoparticles shouldn’t be exposed to stress.

Shipping Copper Nanoparticles and Nano Cu Powder

Many types of packing are available depending on whether there is a sufficient amount of copper nanoparticles and/or Cu powder.

Copper nanoparticles packing:

You can vacuum pack 1 kg per bag, 25kg/barrel or according to your requirements.

Copper nanoparticles shipping:

Once payment has been received, items may be sent out either by sea or air.

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nano Cu


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Copper Nanoparticles Properties

Other Titles
copper nanopowder, copper nano-particles,

copper nano-powder, nanocopper, nano-copper


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Gray powder to black powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

Poisson’s Rate

Solubility of H2O

Thermal Expansion
(25 degC) 16.5 um*m-1*K-1

Safety & Health Information

Signal word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety statements

Transport Information
UN 3089 4.1/PG2

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